How AOC Shut Down Criticism Of Her “Luxe Designer Dress”


Since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez entered politics she’s had to urge herself opposite a slew of criticism. Now, a magnanimous New York congresswoman can supplement open expressions of condemnation over a cost of her dress to a ever-growing list.

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This week, a New York Post published an essay in that it took aim during AOC’s selected outfit for an coming on US TV uncover The View. “The congresswoman with a means might have ponied adult a $580 (£450) for a polyester glam, though if she checked a sales shelve recently, could have snagged it for a partially cost-conscious cost of $232 (£180),” it said. 

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The dress in question? A Teri Jon by Rickie Freeman china sequin leopard imitation dress. And a critique didn’t stop there. “Don’t we adore it when an direct SOCIALIST wears $580 dresses from Rickie Freeman? we mean, who doesn’t need a sequin leopard dress to be an effective Congresswoman?” tweeted Conservative Erica Nurnberg.

True to form, Ocasio-Cortez squandered no time in responding, indicating out that distant from carrying a engineer selling habit, she’s an zealous believer of a round conform economy. She tweeted: “Yep! we rent, borrow, and preservation my clothes. (It’s also environmentally sustainable!) The Post is only insane that we can demeanour good fighting for operative families. Sequins are a good appendage to concept healthcare, don’t we agree?”

At a tail finish of final year, AOC found herself carrying to urge a cost of her haircut after a Washington Times published an essay in that it questioned her preference to spend $300 (£244) on it. Thankfully, AOC has never been fearful to call out a pomposity and double standards clear in most of a critique that’s leveled during her – nor to suffer experimenting with fashion. And a some-more high-profile women who vocally validate a unwavering proceed to clothes, a better.

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