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Honor 20 recover date: Honor confirms the subsequent flagship is rising really soon

Honor 20 price, recover date and features: Everything we need to know about subsequent Honor flagship

Honor has sent out invitations to a subsequent product launch and it looks like we’re going to see a Honor 20 really soon. Judging by a entice a eventuality is going to take place in London on May 21 and it won’t be saying a launch any time before in China.

Read on for all we know so distant about a phone.

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Honor 20 recover date – When is a Honor 20 out?

Here’s when a prior tellurian Honor flagship phones were announced:

  • Honor 6 – Jun 2014
  • Honor 7 – Jun 2015
  • Honor 8 – Jul 2016
  • Honor 9 – Jun 2017
  • Honor 10 – May 2018

Honor sent out invitations for a Honor 20 launch on Apr 15 and we can see a chatter below.

While a date isn’t immediately obvious, a garland of 4s nestled in a bottom dilemma points to May 21 launch date in London. We’d assume a series 4 has some definition for a phone; a volume of cameras, perhaps?

Honor 20 cost – How most will a Honor 20 cost?

The Honor 10 strike a marketplace during £400. That was £40 some-more than a Honor 9 a prior year, yet it matches a ubiquitous ceiling trend for smartphone prices in new years.


We’d pattern a Honor 20 to be during slightest £400, and it competence even climb north of that figure to a mid-£400s.

Honor 20 – Performance

Last year’s Honor 10 ran on accurately a same Kirin 970 CPU as a Honor View 10, so we can demeanour to a Honor View 20 for a beam to a Honor 20’s expected opening level.

Unsurprisingly, a Honor View 20 runs on a Kirin 980 CPU. This is good news for a Honor 20, as it’s a really able square of silicon.

Built regulating a same 7nm pattern as a Apple A12 that powers a iPhone XS, it’s a same eight-core chip that so tender us in a Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Suffice to say, we’ve got no worries that a Honor 20 will yield copiousness of bangs for your bucks.

The Honor View 20 was corroborated by possibly 6GB or 8GB of RAM, and we’d pattern to see a matching sustenance in a Honor 20.

Honor 20 – Design and display

When it comes to a pattern and arrangement of a Honor 20, looking to a Honor View 20 for superintendence is usually of singular value. The latter is constantly a incomparable device with a opposite pattern language.

Still, there are extended lessons that can be learned. For example, me competence pattern to see a View 20’s hole punch arrangement replicated in a Honor 20, rather than a some-more unchanging nick of a Honor 10. Honor trainer George Zhao has settled his welfare for a hole punch arrangement over a classical notch, that seems to be as transparent a spirit as any as to that approach a Honor 20 will go.

In terms of shade size, we can pattern a Honor 20 to be smaller than a 6.4-inch Honor View 20. Given that a latter represented an boost over a View 10’s 5.99-inch display, however, we competence pattern to see a Honor 20 follow suit.

That creates rumours of a 6.1-inch Honor 20 shade seem utterly believable. Far some-more sparkling than that, though, is a explain that a Honor 20 could finally see a code upgrading from LCD to OLED shade technology. Whether that’ll engage a Pro model, with a customary Honor 20 maybe adhering with LCD, stays to be seen.

Honor 20 – Camera

We can once again demeanour to a Honor View 20 for a tip on where a brand’s conduct competence be during when it comes to a Honor 20’s camera. This would advise that it’s expected to be another dual-camera system.

However, it’s also value indicating out that final year’s Honor flagships didn’t have matching camera systems, so they competence change a small here.

Even so, a awaiting of another 48-megapixel camera complement is flattering tantalising – generally given a formula we gained from a View 20’s camera, that were good above what we’ve come to pattern during this cost point.

Some internet rumours have even suggested that a Honor 20 competence go one improved and offer a triple camera system. These sources (unsubstantiated, we should stress) claims that a 20-megapixel super wide-angle camera and an 8-megapixel telephoto camera will join a 48-megapixel categorical snapper.

Rumours imagining from China also mention a Sony IMX600 sensor as a member during a heart of this system. This is a member that can be found in a unusual Huawei P30 Pro.

Talking of which, competence we indeed see Honor following a large hermit code and releasing an Honor 20 Pro? That’s what a leaked spec piece that seems to be during a heart of many of these rumours, from Chinese amicable media site Weibo, would claim.

Honor 20 – Additional features

The above rumours explain that a Honor 20 will container a corpulent 3650mAh battery, that should infer plenty for a day and beyond. If that’s accompanied by Huawei’s 22.5W SuperCharge standard, it shouldn’t take prolonged to extract adult either.

These rumours also explain that a phone will competition 128GB of inner storage as standard, with an discretionary 256GB upgrade. Again, that should do a pretence nicely.