Honda’s new Fireblade is a weapons-grade lane bike


In this universe of adventure-bike this and scrambler that, we competence not caring about superbikes, yet when a new Fireblade lands we lay adult and compensate attention, since as motorcycles go, it comes from one of a richest, many reputable and preferred bloodlines out there. Designed by Tadao Baba, a strange 1992 ’Blade forsaken a explosve on all we suspicion knew about superbikes, changing all from that indicate on. 

Yet, in a some-more new years, a Fireblade wasn’t wholly during a pointy finish of a superbike world. Fast? Yes. Capable? Absolutely. Race winner? Not always, and, as Honda saw it, that was a problem. As a result, a new Fireblade for 2020 is zero brief of a weapons-grade competition bike that usually happens to be accessible in road-legal trim. Make no mistake, this is not a Fireblade a universe has ever seen before, and by a looks of things, it won’t be forgetful it any time shortly either.

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Honda has finished all probable to renovate a new indication from an all-round superbike that’d do roughly anything – from lane days to furloughed to travelling – into a bike that’ll magnitude points, podiums and championships, and zero else besides. Revolution over expansion was a mantra, from a engine, that is totally overhauled, to a new chassis, brakes, fairing, cessation and a unequivocally special apartment of electronic supplement aids. Add it all together and what we get is a honestly all-new Fireblade. And it comes in dual versions: a customary indication (the CBR1000RR-R) and a even some-more focused CBR1000RR-R SP, that sports a lithium battery, Brembo Stylema front brakes and Öhlins Smart EC2.0 cessation and a bidirectional quickshifter as standard.

Then we lay on it – and it unequivocally is a box of sitting on it, rather than in it. The pegs and chair are high, a bars are low and a tank totally flat, echoing a lines of a RC213V on that it is based. It feels like a competition bike, since that’s accurately what it is. You can forget touring, and you’d improved not be over about 5’10” either, since your knees will be wrapped around your ears. Nevertheless, it invokes all a right “Fireblade” emotions, all a approach from a Gucci cockpit to a beautifully neat TFT dashboard.

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Even if mechanically a new Fireblade is a same elementary recipe that we’ve been used to – 1000cc, 4 inline cylinders – it’s a unequivocally opposite story when we get underneath a hood. Inside a engine cases is a demonstration of new, outlandish materials that revoke weight and friction, and a gimlet and cadence have been borrowed from a universe of MotoGP. It’s now a many absolute inline-4 1000cc engine ever constructed and a all-important numbers are 214.56hp during 14,500rpm and 113nm  at 12,500rpm, with a 201kg kerb weight. That’s some-more energy than BMW’s S1000RR and 0.56hp some-more than Ducati’s Panigale V4 S, that has 100cc some-more capacity. No meant feat.

And afterwards we cruise a wiring suite. It’s got positively all – engine braking control, stifle modes, anti-wheelie and traction control (which are now, thankfully, apart systems), a correct six-axis IMU – yet what Honda unequivocally wants we to know is how good it all works together and how many certainty it’ll communicate to capacitate faster path times. A good wiring apartment is a collection of systems that work good in isolation, it says, yet a good one works good together, and therein lies a difference.

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The usually thing left to do was to put it all to a exam during Qatar’s Losail International circuit. You’re immediately enthralled in prodigy once a empty strap opens, permitting a Honda to belt out a complicated steel tune. In a unequivocally race-bike fashion, a engine’s definitely gutless until around 7,000rpm, during that indicate it starts to get into a stride. The gears are prolonged and unequivocally closely spaced and a stifle tie is high and complemented by a sharp quickshifter. Beyond 10,000rpm all a energy comes in one sledgehammer strike right adult to 14,500rpm. It’s a weapon, all right, and it’ll do over an indicated 186mph in fourth gear. The mind boggles.

But what keeps we entrance behind is a chassis. You can feel a RC213V extraction in it; it steers like a dream and feels so, so planted mid-corner. Any line, any speed, it’ll do it, happily, and a Brembo Stylema brakes, propitious to a SP model, ought to be adequate to delayed earth’s rotation. Whether you’re trailing stop into a dilemma or gassing it out of one, it’s constantly articulate to you, vouchsafing we know what’s going on underneath. The outcome is heaps of confidence, tons of fun and what we get in lapse is good path times. And presumably, for Honda, competition wins. It all unexpected creates clarity when, mid-corner during Losail’s Turn Three, you’re means to drag an bend like it’s a many normal thing in a world.

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Like each Fireblade before it, you’ll notice a common traits. The build peculiarity is right adult there, from a paint to a switches to a plastics. And a swanky Akrapovic empty comes as standard. Operating a dashboard is a tad some-more formidable than on a rivals yet is elementary adequate once you’ve acclimatised. The upside, though, is float settings can be practiced on a pierce – no need to stop. And, vocalization of a dashboard, a arrangement and a customisability creates others demeanour a bit amateur. 

Thankfully a Fireblade-esque knowledge hasn’t left divided with all of this newfound energy and ability. It’s still each bit a consummately smooth, accessible appurtenance it always was and a infancy of that is down to usually how staggeringly good a wiring work. Just don’t design it to make outrageous clarity on a road, though. There’s very, unequivocally small spirit of any kind of involvement as we take liberties with a stifle and brakes, and no matter what settings you’re running, be it a top stifle response or a many lairy anti-wheelie mode, it’s as if it was all usually meant to be, like a good out-of-date analogue motorcycle.

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But we contingency simulate on what’s unequivocally going on here. How is it Honda can spin a behind on a ’Blade that was and come out with such a radical machine? The answer is simple: there are simply improved bikes to float on a highway in 2020, that is accurately since you, like everybody else, substantially have an journey bike somewhere in a garage. And that’s fine, since Honda’s Fireblade is now, by each measure, a best thing going for pristine lane work and it’s totally squandered on a road. And we’re totally excellent with that. 

SP indication from £23,499; customary indication from £19,999.

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