‘Hey, Siri, do we have coronavirus?’ | Apple, Amazon launch voice-assisted COVID-19 screening


With voice-assisted collection expelled by Amazon and Apple, we can answer a few questions to figure out if we need serve medical assistance for COVID-19. 

Simply say, “Hey, Siri” for iPhones or “Alexa” for Amazon devices, and ask if we have a coronavirus. 

These technologies are no deputy for veteran medical advice, though they can assistance we figure out initial stairs during home when a health caring complement is impressed with prolonged wait times. 

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Amazon announced Thursday that it launched a screening apparatus for a United States that will speak we by some symptom-checkers.

“Ask, “Alexa, what do we do if we consider we have COVID-19?” or “Alexa, what do we do if we consider we have coronavirus?,” and Alexa will ask a array of questions about your transport history, symptoms, and probable exposure. Based on your responses, Alexa will yield CDC superintendence given your risk turn and symptoms,” Amazon pronounced in a statement. 

Alexa will also siren a balance for 20 seconds if we ask her to “sing a song” to inspire effective handwashing habits.

Apple launched identical voice-assistant record progressing in a week for users to implement Siri for recommendation on a coronavirus.

Their information comes from the U.S. Public Health Service, a multiplication of a Department of Health and Human Services, as good as a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to CNBC.

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On Friday, Apple also launched an app and website dedicated to screening information to see if we need to get tested for COVID-19, sum about a pestilence and links to other resources, Verge reported.

“This new screening apparatus is designed to be a apparatus for people and does not reinstate instructions from medical providers or superintendence from state and internal health authorities.” —Apple press release

CDC discipline as of Friday suggest that people who consider they have a novel coronavirus should stay during home unless experiencing “an puncture warning sign.”

They indicate out that many with COVID-19 usually knowledge amiable symptoms and can redeem during home. Call your alloy before going in, and keep adult with a many present recommendations on CDC’s website.


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