Hey Non-Flexible Friends: These Yoga Apps Were Made for You


I know, we know. When we hear “fitness” and “app” in a same sentence, we immediately consider about your proud colleague who swears by a app that has several ways to die by burpees. If we (like me, hi!) are implicitly against to a act of The Burpee, competence we seductiveness we in something improved to assistance we along your ~fitness journey~? I’m talkin’ yoga apps.

Want an app that works with your daily runs? Yup, there’s one on this list. What about one that we can use though withdrawal BED? She’s on here too! What about a app that’ll assistance your poor, painful top behind from your stressful table job? There are pleeeenty of those.

These 13 bbs will work your whole physique and also assistance make we ease and fit as sh*t—it doesn’t have to be all blood, sweat, and tears all a time! Here are a picks for some of a best apps that’ll be your beam to anticipating your aware aptness awakening literally anywhere. BRB, gonna go fart in child’s poise since no one can hear me during home.

1. If you’re looking for some physique positivity:

The Underbelly


Free to download and $9.99/month for a subscription on iTunes and Google Play

Yoga clergyman and author Jessamyn Stanley leads a yoga workouts on this app that don’t only aim to emanate assent of mind, though also assent with a body. Stanley creates hours of routines that are matched for a accumulation of opposite physique forms and helps we feel that self-love.

2. If we wish an tangible lifestyle:

Grokker: Yoga, Fitness, Mind


Free to download and $14.99/month or $119.99/year for a subscription on iTunes and Google Play

It’s not adequate to only lift off a few difficult yoga poses and call yourself a aptness guru. With Grokker, we can gulp a many healthier lifestyle over only exercise. It has thousands of videos covering yoga, workouts, food, meditation, and a garland some-more that’ll assistance we grasp specific goals by a holistic lifestyle change.

3. If you’re peaceful to feel a bake everyday:

Yoga Workouts by Daily Burn


Free to download and $23.99/year for a subscription on iTunes

Oof, we competence come out feeling bruise after a initial category with this one. But it’s value it. Daily Burn helps customize weekly yoga skeleton that we can download and only use whenever’s convenient. You set your specific goals, have one-on-one tutor time, do some daily stretching, and pull by any day.

4. If we wish to master a handstand:

Pocket Yoga

$3 to download on iTunes and Google Play

If you’ve ever attempted bluster poise or a ridiculously tough handstand, we know nailing it takes practice. With Pocket Yoga, we can hunt by some-more than 200 postures, collect a one you’re now struggling with, and watch an animation uncover we correct alignment. Still not removing it? Check out a minute created instructions and tips on how to do it yourself.

5. If you’re a newbie who wants to use regularly:

Daily Yoga

Free to download or $9/month or $99/lifetime for pro subscription iTunes and Google Play

If you’re looking to strike adult a new healthy yoga habit, Daily Yoga has one- to two-week programs that will assistance we get into a upsurge (get it?) of practicing regularly. Check out a two-week Yoga Basics for Beginners program, that provides users with a daily pre-recorded category to follow. Each day, you’ll get a sign to get your downward dog on and suggestions for what event or module to take next.

6. If you’re a bit of a control freak:

Yoga Studio: Mind Body

Free to download or $8/month for a subscription on iTunes and Google Play

Want to select your possess yogi adventure? This app’s category building underline allows we to customize a moves we do during your practice. Just collect a poses we wish from a app’s library, and use a smart-link duty that strings a postures together into one cohesive upsurge we can follow around video.

7. If we get wearied easily:

Down Dog

Free or $8/month or $50/year for a membership on iTunes and Google Play

With some-more than 30,000 classes, Down Dog is workout-rut proof. Being unexcited by your examination is no excuse!! To find your ideal practice, select your yogi level, a form of examination we wish (say, a discerning upsurge or object salutation), what we wish to concentration on (like hip openers or physic poses), how many time we have, how quick we wish to flow, and a soundtrack. Boom. Repeat as needed.

8. If yoga isn’t your go-to workout:


$18/month for total classes on iTunes and Google Play

Hey, cardio junkies, Glo has classes to enrich your frequently scheduled persperate sessions. Just hunt for your competition in a app, and you’ll see an array of sequences finished to widen a muscles we use a many and strengthen a ones we don’t. And with classes trimming from 5 mins to dual hours, we can select a use that works with your schedule.

9. If you’re spooky with Instagram yogis:

Alo Moves

$20/month on iTunes and Google Play

Yoga pros and Insta-stars like Briohny Smyth and Koya Webb lead we by scarcely 1,000 classes from vinyasa to straight-up meditation. If you’re looking to measure some likes by posting your possess yogi handstands, check out Alo Move’s handstand workshop. You’ll swell by a array of 9 classes that assistance we prep for a handstand and learn we how to vanquish it. Oh, and we get one month giveaway when we buy any Alo Yoga apparel.

10. If we literally have 5 minutes:

5-Minute Yoga Workouts

Free on iTunes and Google Play

Open a excuse-proof app and press start to flog off a method of a day, and you’ll see a print of a move, a outline of how to do it, and a minute-long countdown time for how prolonged we should reason any pose. After 5 of them, you’re done, and we get a new set each time we open a app. Bonus: It’s free!

11. If you’re looking to sweat:

Asana Rebel

Free or $10 for Rebel Pro on iTunes and Google Play

If you’re looking to get your boundary kicked yogi style, this app turns adult a bake by adding strength exercises, like planks, push-ups, squats, and high-intensity intervals to their classes. Each enlightening video is shot in a fill space, like pleasant locales, so we have something flattering to demeanour during while your muscles are crying. Need a breather? Try some of a app’s low-key sequences that concentration on delayed stretches, easy flows, and balance.

12. If we need some accountability:

Find What Feels Good

$10/month on iTunes and Google Play

If you’re a work best when we have a village to reason we accountable, you’ll adore this app by moving yogi, Adriene Mishler. She’ll lead we by some-more than 100 hours of yoga, that we can download to your phone and watch sans WiFi. After we finish one of her videos, summary others in a village who’ve also cowed a class. You competence only find your people here.

13. If we won’t get out of bed for yoga:

Yoga Wake Up

$7/month on iTunes and Google Play

Set your alarm in a app to arise adult and launch into an audio-guided yoga or imagining sesh we can do from BED. Yes, BED. Each one is beginner-friendly and lasts 10 mins or less. Your morning Instagram corkscrew can wait a sec.

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