Here’s a Browser Extension That Makes Hidden Instagram Likes Visible Again


Instagram has been bustling stealing like depends in an bid to make a amicable media height reduction about recognition and some-more about peculiarity content. For those not prepared to give adult their changed likes on Instagram, though, The Return of a Likes Chrome prolongation reportedly restores manifest like and criticism depends to any post.

The usually locate is that a prolongation is usually means to conceal like and criticism numbers during a tip right dilemma of posts on Instagram’s website. For now, a underline is not accessible by a mobile Instagram app. TechCrunch records that even yet a prolongation usually works online during a moment, users can simply send themselves a permalink to a specific post around a Instagram app to afterwards investigate a like and criticism count by The Return of a Likes.

TechCrunch also records that it has tested The Return Of The Likes and verifies that it is not a scam. The creator of a extension, Socialinsider, is an tangible media analytics association that offers program that measures amicable media stats like engagement. On a bottom of a extension’s download page, Socialinsider records that “No information is sent to Socialinsider servers.”

Learn some-more and download The Return Of The Likes over on a Chrome Web Store.

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