HBCU Love: Tuskegee University Brought This Baltimore Power Couple Together


HBCU Love: Tuskegee University Brought This Baltimore Power Couple Together

Marilyn Mosby wasn’t always famous as a no-nonsense State’s Attorney jolt things adult during a tip of Baltimore’s rapist probity system. Before she became a youngest arch prosecutor of any American city, she was an desirous high propagandize tyro from inner-city Boston with dreams of attending a historically Black college hundreds of miles from home. The splendid immature lady who took partial in one of a country’s longest-running desegregation programs,  had no suspicion afterwards that her insistence to be prepared among Black peers would lead her to one of her life’s biggest joys. 

“We met in a tyro kinship and we indeed met him before though didn’t compensate any pleasantness to him,” Mosby tells ESSENCE of a day she fell for father Nick Mosby. “It wasn’t until me and a integrate of girlfriends and a integrate of his male friends, related adult in a tyro union, wearied on a Saturday and we usually started articulate about politics and music. we met this intriguing male who we didn’t compensate pleasantness to before, though for some reason, he was lovable that day and it had some-more to do with his genius than anything else.”

Marilyn and Nick Mosby
Marilyn Mosby with her husband, Nick J. Mosby, as a college tyro during Tuskegee University. The Baltimore State’s Attorney met her partner of 21 years as a teen. (Photo pleasantness of Marilyn Mosby)

A star tyro herself, Mosby, who went by Marilyn James during a time, was captivated to Nick for not usually his mind though also a things that seemed to matter to him. “The fact that he desired a city of Baltimore and he wanted to come behind and do something for his community,” is what Mosby says hermetic a deal. She was 18.

Growing up, a immature prosecutor, many straightforwardly compared with her purpose in a Freddie Gray case, was bused an hour divided from her Boston home to what she calls “one of a richest towns in Massachusetts.” When she started a module in a second category she was noticeably a usually Black child in a whole school. And early on she dynamic that she could possibly be a certain illustration for Black people or be sour about a misconceptions and stereotypical views that some people hold about who they suspicion she was.  

From 6 years aged on to high propagandize Mosby says she gladly took on a shortcoming that came with selecting a former. “I was in all honors classes, was in SGA, co-editor of a propagandize newspaper, and bringing farrago workshops to a school,” Mosby recalls. But when it came time for college, a high-achiever wanted something wholly different. “I usually practical to 3 schools, that was Tuskegee, Spelman and Hampton. we knew that we wanted to go down to a South. we knew we wanted to attend an HBCU and we wanted a Black experience.”

Marilyn Mosby as a tyro during Tuskegee.
Mosby says that Tuskegee inbred in her a suspicion that “success is to be totalled not so many by a position that one has reached in life as by a obstacles that he or she has overcome.” The quote from a founder, Booker T. Washington, is one a tip prosecutor continues to live by. (Photo pleasantness of Marilyn Mosby)

Her superintendence counselors during a time questioned her choice to usually request to HBCUs. “You’re graduating tip of your class. Why aren’t we going to UMass Amherst?” they would ask. But Mosby was focused on rebellious a many conflicting world, singular to a institutions shaped from a need to teach Black students, close out by other schools of aloft learning.

The local New Englander says she initial fell in adore with Tuskegee on a Black college discuss her 11th-grade year. Joined by students from all conflicting a state of Massachusetts, Mosby fell for a propagandize farthest divided from home. “I fell in adore with a campus and a history. From Booker T. Washington and a deceive of stupidity to George Washington Carver and a Tuskegee Airmen. Just a story and a beauty of that campus is something that unequivocally done me contend ‘I wish to be here.’” 

Miles divided from her primarily all-white propagandize in a Northeast, was this culturally conflicting Black college in a low South. It’s there, Mosby says, that she not usually found an egghead compare in Nick, though a village of people who were changed to urge a places they came from, and a places they were going. “There were so many people like that during Tuskegee who were creation a disproportion and wanted to make a disproportion for a communities. And we consider that that kind of sticks out for me a most,” Mosby shares.

More than 20 years after their initial meeting, she remembers it also being a captivate cause that drew her to Nick. “That unequivocally desirous me to be with him and desirous me to wish to pursue this relationship,” a mother and mom of dual admits. 

Marilyn and Nick Mosby
Marilyn and Nick Mosby always common a adore for a community. It’s what a tip prosecutor says drew her to her father as students during Tuskegee University.

At Tuskegee, Mosby achieved during a tip of her category and was boss of Pi Sigma Alpha, a collegiate respect multitude for Political Science majors. She was also on a bioethics discuss team, and by perfect will and determination, got into her initial choice for law school. But some-more than a accolades that came along with her HBCU education, Mosby says she perceived an recognition and validation for vocalization adult for marginalized communities. “When we demeanour during what happened in a Tuskegee syphilis study, it’s demonstrative of a sovereign supervision that unsuccessful to pronounce adult and unsuccessful to do anything for marginalized people within this community.”

Now in her purpose as Baltimore State’s Attorney, Mosby believes she’s doing usually that. And Nick, a male she met as an 18-year-old lady is alongside her, operative to change Baltimore as a Maryland state nominee and claimant for Baltimore City Council President. Shooting a zephyr on that Saturday afternoon in a tyro core incited out to be a pivotal impulse in both of their lives. Tuskegee, who Mosby credits with laying a substructure for her alertness and giving her a fine to be unapologetically Black, is a place now credited with creation a Baltimore energy integrate who they are.

“I theory that’s a instance that we always try to showcase,” Mosby asserts. “That we am who we am since of my HBCU experience.”

In arise of a COVID-19 crisis, a bloc of HBCU leaders, advocacy organizations, and corporate partners have come together to horde the National HBCU Commencement Celebration. The practical jubilee will be streamed live from ESSENCE Studios on Saturday, May 16, 2020 and will underline luminary hosts, motivational speakers, low-pitched performances, and a profiles of HBCU valedictorians and other graduates.

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