Hazel Ong’s year in photos


We asked a handful of a favourite photographers and contributors to demeanour behind during 2019 and remember it by a photographs they took. From i-D contributions to personal cinema of friends, family and strangers on a street, this is Hazel Ong: My Year in Photos.

Toronto-based stylist and i-D contributing editor Hazel Ong is outfitting some of a biggest musicians on a world right now. After aiding i-D’s mythological Fashion Director Simon Foxton, she went on to assistance character Drake on his Boy Meets World tour. Elsewhere she has contributed her work to publications like Billboard, The Fader and Complex and collaborated with brands such Nike, Prada and Stone Island.

My poetic crony Mags holding in a beauty and drop of this ice storm.

Untitled (hollow) by Kevin Beasley taken during a Albright-Knox museum in Buffalo, New York.

Playa del Carmen during dusk.

The Toronto Raptors won their initial championship in a franchise’s story this year. we witnessed a stupidity of this ancestral impulse on TV from a comfort of my friend’s vital room. Such a unapproachable impulse for my city.

Vini and we pool hopping during Sunnyside Pool during 3am.

This print was taken in Coboconk, Ontario during my dear crony Dani’s cottage, Tummonville. Endless memories done and lost on this, and each outing to Tummonville.

Farhia and Pony throwing a burble during Caribana weekend’s JERK party.

The immature ladies holding partial in a seminar we participated in for Shoot for Peace, a print mentorship module in Regent Park that photographer Luis Mora asked me to be a partial of.

A still of Canadian idol Celine Dion from a Thierry Mugler muster during The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

A slip projection of my backside for an designation we combined for Nomad Shop and Launchpad Toronto.

A behind a scenes shot we took on a set of i-D’s Koffee cover fire featuring Alastair McKimm and Mario Sorrenti.

Heji Shin’s Baby taken during a Whitney Biennial. Significant to me since we witnessed a live birth of my niece Marquesa Ong Auciello this year.


All images pleasantness Hazel Ong

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