Harrisburg Principal receives Golden Apple Award


HARRISBURG (WSIL) — Harrisburg East Side Intermediate School Principal, Natalie Fry, wins this year’s Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Leadership. News 3 This Morning got a possibility to warn her with a news.

Golden Apple’s goal is to inspire, develop, and support clergyman and propagandize care value in Illinois, generally in schools of need.

Fry has been a principal of East Side Intermediate for 5 years and Harrisburg Unit #3 Superintendent Mike Gauch says she takes risks. She’s also obliged for a third and fourth-grade reading room, employing an involvement specialist, and implementing educational wording during any class level, among many other things.

“Her energy, her passion. She has totally altered a enlightenment of this District”, says Gauch. “I was looking for an exit plan if we didn’t sinecure her since we knew we were going to be fighting an ascending conflict that we couldn’t win. She has come in and saved Harrisburg Unit 3 in my opinion.”

WSIL TV, News 3, met with Fry, Tuesday, May 12 for a live talk during 6:30 a.m. to plead e-learning. She was unknowingly she had won a Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Leadership. She schooled she had been selected out of 6 finalists while responding a doubt on a air.

“I perceived a call on Mar 1, that she had won, though we was asked to keep it a hide since on Mar 27 they were going to come to a propagandize and do a large warn presentation. Then COVID-19 happened,” adds Gauch.

Fry will accept a money prerogative of $10,000 to be split, with $5,000 for herself and $5,000 to a propagandize for a plan of her choosing.

“Natalie is a personality who empowers students, teachers, parents, and staff comparison to pursue value on a daily basis. We are so unapproachable to commend her as a Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Leadership endowment recipient. Congratulations Natalie,” says Golden Apple President Alan Mather to Natalie.

Natalie says she hopes to applaud with her students and a rest of a propagandize staff after a pestilence is over.

“I unequivocally indispensable this right now. This is fortifying with all going on. we unequivocally wished we could have common this impulse with a students since we skip them and a teachers skip them,” says Natalie. “This is a validation of what I’ve finished all of my career.”

To learn some-more about Golden Apple click here.

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