Hackers and Hustle Culture Are Invading Your Life


LG: We should tell people to review your story.

LHN: Okay. Well, she got so deep, there’s like a unequivocally sparkling possess during a end.

LG: And sadly, this lady whose name was Rita Stran, she did pass away. I’m not spoiling a end.

LHN: No, that’s of march not a sparkling end. That’s a unhappy part.

LG: Yeah. This was behind in 2016. She did this in 2015 we said, or 2014?

LHN: 2014.

LG: And afterwards she died in 2016. But it sounds like Rita had some genuine talent for this arrange of thing.

LHN: Totally. And we consider from what we know from her son, she unequivocally would have wanted to do other coop tests if she had been means to. And yeah, we consider a story unequivocally illustrates how if we have a clipboard and some confidence, we can speak your approach into a lot of stuff. And if companies and supervision institutions and organizations aren’t meditative about that possibility, what hackers call amicable engineering, for someone to only come in and say, “I have a management to be here and I’m going to ramble around.” You’re unequivocally screwed. But we can totally know how it happened.

I mean, a guards during a door, they were perplexing to do their job. They were perplexing to approve with what they suspicion was an management figure from a state. So we know how it happened, though it’s only a unequivocally elemental weakness.

LG: Do we consider it says anything maybe about these guards? we don’t wish to contend they’re biased, though how they viewed a lady coming a jail saying, “I need to check something.” Versus maybe a man.

LHN: Definitely possible. There was an chronicle that we didn’t put in a story about how Rita motionless to call a Network Operations Center, that is NOC. It’s customarily called a Noc. She kept pursuit it a nook, that also sounds like chief weapon, that is weird, definition like N-O-O-K or something. She kept saying, “Where’s your NOOK? Where’s your NOOK?” Because she suspicion it would play into this suspicion that she wasn’t too savvy and she didn’t know too many she was only perplexing to do her pursuit as a health inspector.

So unequivocally probable that she was arrange of roving on all of that to mishandle people’s expectations. But we consider unfortunately confidence is still a male-dominated attention and many coop testers are group and they stone it out too, we know, get in all sorts of places. So yeah, that form of thing is unequivocally a factor, though it also is only a blind mark we all have when it comes to earthy in-person fight and arrange of viewed management and pulling behind opposite that or seeking some-more questions but ostensible rude. Yeah, it’s something in that area.

MC: Well that’s fascinating and we unequivocally inspire everybody to go review a story that we wrote about it on WIRED.com. And also all of a coverage that you’ve been doing this week and in perpetuation of everybody perplexing to keep us protected and a people that they are fighting.

LHN: Thanks. Yeah, stay protected out there everyone.

LG: Lily, are we going to do a join us for recommendations?

LHN: Yes, we do have a recommendation.

LG: All right. Hold that thought. We’ll be behind after a discerning break.

MC: All right. Welcome back, Lily. Let’s start with you. What is your recommendation?

LHN: Okay. My recommendation this week is for a product called Dangerzone. It’s not unequivocally a product, it’s a apparatus that’s being expelled from Micah Lee who is a Director of Information Security during The Intercept and he has a story of doing cold projects like this. What Dangerzone does, is it’s an focus for your mechanism that scrubs PDFs. When we get like an connection in an email or something, it sandboxes it, quarantines it and afterwards goes by and combs for a antagonistic forms of things that can be embedded in PDFs and cleans all out and afterwards spits out a chronicle for we that we can be a lot some-more assured it’s safe. And we only consider that’s a unequivocally cold tool. It’s something everybody could use. Just have it unresolved out on your computer. Just use it spasmodic when it comes up. And we consider he’s releasing it in a subsequent few weeks and only seems like a quick, easy approach to be a small some-more secure.

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