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Google releases new Chrome themes, including an unaccepted Dark Mode

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Google has only expelled a collection of new central Google Chrome themes, including an unaccepted Dark Mode.

‘Just Black’ is positively a print child of a group. It’s arrange of like a Dark Mode for a web browser, and turns a infancy of a user interface black, a exceptions being a omnibar and a settings menu.

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As one shrewd user has forked out, a Just Black thesis creates all Chrome windows and tabs demeanour like Incognito Mode tabs and windows.

If Just Black isn’t for you, there are copiousness of other options. Here they are, along with their tongue in impertinence descriptions:

  • Just Black: when you’re feeling additional moody
  • Slate is cold and composed
  • Oceanic: as low and puzzling as a sea
  • Ultra Violet: Inspiring creativity, compassion, and ultralight beams
  • Classic Blue: understated and calming
  • Vivacious and fruity, Banana adds fever to your day
  • Black White: a undying combination
  • Honeysuckle: Evoking comfortable summer days and honeyed botanical fragrances
  • Rose: A glow of colour for your browser
  • Serenity
  • Sea Foam: You can roughly smell a ocean
  • Marsala: comfortable and sweet, like a summer in Italy
  • High Contrast Colorful: The brightest of a bright. The darkest of a dark.
  • Pretty in Pink: Love pink? This theme’s for you.

All of a Chrome themes are giveaway to download, and we try them out here.

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