Google Docs gets a Material Design shakeup – and it looks flattering slick


Google has redesigned a G-Suite Android apps, and has done a horde of visible improvements.

Google Docs, Slides and Sheets have all been given a bit of a shakeup to make G-Suite easier to use and better-looking on mobile. The highlights embody unchanging controls, some-more clear typefaces, a redesigned request list and new iconography.

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The refurbish is already accessible for a Google Docs and Slides Android apps – with a new Google Sheets recover commencement today. While a rollout has begun, it could take adult to 15 days for users to see a changes in their apps.

Google usually mentioned a rollout for Android phones though a blog on a recover does contend a changes will be “Available to all G Suite editions” so pattern it to come to iOS someday soon.

The refurbish is partial of Google’s long-running Material Design strategy. Google says: “This Material redesign is partial of a incomparable bid to move coherence to a demeanour and feel of a G Suite apps, with ease-of-use in mind.”

From Material Design to tweaks to functionality, Google has been really penetrating recently to keep a apps during a tip of their game.

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Last month, Google Docs finally perceived a underline that has been a tack of Microsoft Word for a long, prolonged time – real-time word count. Rather than a accessible indicator in a bottom dilemma – like Word – Docs formerly compulsory we to click Tools afterwards Word Count to get a info.

Away from G Suite, Google recently rolled out a Material Design truth to a Play Store. Gone are a vast immature blocks and a clunky navigation, Google Play Store now has a most some-more basic, nearby all-white design. The new blueprint replaces a unwieldy left-side maritime menu with options during a bottom of a screen.

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