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Google Chromebooks won’t get Windows 10 dual-boot feature

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It appears Google Chromebook laptops won’t be means to dual-boot Windows 10 after all. Word of a much-talked of Project Campfire functionality emerged final year and brought with it most fad for expanding a functionality of Google’s laptop range.

However, judging by ‘comments and formula removals’ on Chromium (via 9to5Google), it appears Google is dousing a awaiting of Project Campfire entrance to fruition.

Although things had left a small still on this front, according to those who compensate tighten courtesy to a Chromium commits, it was still approaching Google would capacitate Chromebook users to reboot their notebooks into Windows 10 or Linux during some point.

However, a essay might have been on a wall when Google I/O came and went progressing this month though a plead of a project. In fact, Google has never concurred a existence of a plan publicly.

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The changes to a Chromium plan were initial speckled by Reddit user crosfrog, who’d been on a surveillance for dual-boot news. Here’s a screenshot display a debasement (via AboutChromebooks).

Chromebook Windows

Image credit: Reddit user crosfrog

Another user superlinkx, added: “Considering it was never strictly announced, we wouldn’t design an central cancellation. This positively seems to prove that a examination has been killed off. The fact they didn’t plead it during I/O was a flattering large idea that it wasn’t in a good place.”

It’s misleading because Google has selected to cancel a project, though it might be a singular ability to run a underline on all Chromebooks, rather than all of them. Although Chromebooks are removing a lot some-more powerful, most of a operation is still low-powered and reduction able of using Windows 10 effectively.

It might be that Google has motionless that if it doesn’t work for all Chromebooks, it won’t work for anyone, though still this would have been a good further to a functionality of a Chrome OS-based laptops.


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