Golden Apple Award: Stepping adult to a hurdles of remote learning


LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – With COVID-19 concerns, school’s not in session. But that didn’t stop 10/11 NOW and Doane University College of Education from noticing a special preparation clergyman who continues to go a additional mile for her students.

Every month during a propagandize year on 10/11 NOW, we respect a clergyman who is creation a disproportion in her village and during her school. The Golden Apple Award personality for Mar works during Lincoln Southeast High School. Of course, we are incompetent to go inside due to a COVID-19 pandemic, so we astounded Kayla Belden during her home by Zoom video conferencing.

Kayla’s coworkers Karista Ackerman and Karen Krull nominated her for a award.

“I’m only respected since there are so many teachers in a building that are so honourable of this,” Belden said.

But these coworkers contend Belden is a clergyman who stairs in to assistance when needed. She was there when her dialect chair became ill.

“She was diagnosed with mind cancer. so we was halt dialect chair for a semester,” Belden said. “She came behind for awhile, and when it became terminal, she had to step down. It was a tough time for a team. Another time we all stepped adult and became like a family.”

And it’s that family attribute that this group personality is building with her students.

Belden says, “I consider you’re always anticipating that your category will be a best partial of their day. And only saying that fun and fad in a small things they get to experience, and a successes they get to achieve, creates it all value it.”

Now, COVID-19 has entered a picture. Another challenge, disrupting learning. Kayla’s list now is her dining table. And in her room, her 3 immature kids. But staff meetings continue. And Kayla’s expostulate for joining with families stays strong.

Belden’s recommendation to families is only to remember to be flexible. She says, “Prioritize and concentration on peculiarity over quantity. And as teachers we only wish a students to know that we skip them. And we’re anticipating that families are doing as good as can be.”

Belden says remote training presents some new hurdles and opportunities for enchanting her kids. But she tells me, she can’t wait until she can step behind inside this building once again.

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