Gary Barlow calls on fans to get around Take That Concert From Home geo-restrictions with VPNs


The remaining members of Take That are reuniting with that annoying aged rogue Robbie Williams this Friday night, for a unison that’s going to be live streamed for giveaway on YouTube. Don’t we worry, Gary Barlow, Marc Owen and Howard Donald will all be amicable enmity during their particular homes (sadly there’s no pointer of Jason Orange, for whom Love Ain’t Here Anymore).

The liaison is that usually people in a UK are authorised to balance in.

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However, a integrate of fans have forked out on Twitter that there is a approach for Take Thatters formed outward a UK to get around a geo-restriction. Could It Be Magic? No, it’s in fact a VPN… and Gary Barlow’s usually left and given a process his blessing (via TorrentFreak). Now that’s stone ‘n’ roll.