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Galaxy S11: What Samsung needs to do to kick a iPhone in 2020

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The theatre is scarcely set for this year’s flagship smartphone showdown and for once, it doesn’t demeanour like Samsung’s going to come out on tip with its Galaxy S10-line.

Don’t get us wrong, a Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10e are good all turn phones. But, over a past year we’ve seen a series of stellar handsets kick them in certain pivotal areas.

At launch, they were kick by a Huawei P30 Pro, that clearly smoked a S10 when it came to camera tech. OnePlus afterwards quick took a S10 to assign on shade peculiarity with a OnePlus 7 Pro, that facilities a totally nick giveaway 90Hz display.

Most recently, Apple took a pot shot during a S10 with a new iPhone 11 family of phones which, for once, indeed take on Samsung when it comes to value for money.

Later this year Samsung will face nonetheless some-more foe from pivotal rivals including a Google Pixel 4, that is coming to seem on a 15th of October.

We’re meditative Samsung’s going to have to lift something out of a bag subsequent year with a 2020 Galaxy S11 flagship if it wants to say a position as Android’s tip dog and a Apple iPhone’s arch-rival.

Here’s privately what we wish to see from a Samsung Galaxy S11 in 2020.

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1. The Galaxy S11 needs to contest as a camera phone

The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus don’t have bad cameras. A couple of years ago a Galaxy phones’ camera tech would have been attention leading, with a nifty triple camera setups that mix 12-megapixel main, 12-megapixel ultrawide and 12 megapixel telephoto lenses. But in 2019, this set adult puts a Galaxy S10 family resolutely in a center of a flagship container when it comes to camera tech.

The Huawei P30 Pro has some-more refined-Leica co-engineered triple camera featuring an additional time of moody (ToF) sensor. The significantly cheaper Pixel 3a also manages to outperform it in low light, interjection to Google’s crafty processing. With a multi-sensor Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 quick approaching, a Galaxy S10 could find itself bumped even serve down a Best Camera Phone list in a unequivocally nearby future.

We’d like to see Samsung totally rethink a smartphone camera charity for a Galaxy S11 and come out overhanging with a truly rival flagship camera phone subsequent year.

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2. The Galaxy S11 needs a non-static modernise rate screen

We’ve been banging on about a advantages of non-static modernise rates given a strange Razer Phone came out, though this year strange apparatus manufacturers (OEMs) indeed started listening, and have begun regulating a tech.

The biggest prominence has been a OnePlus 7 Pro, that facilities a super cold 90Hz modernise rate panel. In a universe of wearables Apple stole a uncover with a Apple Watch 5, that has a non-static modernise rate arrangement that can automobile switch to between 1-60Hz depending on what it’s doing.

For those out of a know, this is overwhelming – by switching how many frames per second a arrangement shows we can do things like save battery life, or make navigating a phone’s menus feel smoother. The tech’s worked a provide on each mobile we’ve tested so distant and we’d adore to see it seem on Samsung’s 2020 flagship.

3. The Galaxy S11 needs to transcribe Motorola’s program strategy

Samsung’s Touchwiz program and UX pattern has come a prolonged approach over a years, though it’s still nowhere nearby as good as a knowledge you’ll get on unskinned Android. Issues embody weird UI changes, feeble designed, childish app icons and a sea of neglected services – like Samsung’s Bixby digital assistant.

Which is because we’d adore to see Samsung take a page out of Motorola’s playbook and start shipping a phones with a nearby vanilla Android install. Motorola’s been doing this to good outcome for years with a Moto line of phones, that underline 0 transcribe applications and usually a smidgeon of tradition services, like Moto Actions.

The pierce would also assistance speed adult how quick a S11 could be upgraded to new versions of Android, creation a pierce a no brainer in a mind.

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4. The Galaxy S11 needs to be cheaper

Flagship phones are never been cheap, though over a final integrate of years prices have gotten a tiny ridiculous. These days it’s not odd for a middle-child in a phone family to cost £500 and a tip of a line indication good over £1000. This is a box for a Galaxy S10.

The problem is, according to many companies’ sales stats and analysts forecasts, people don’t wish to spend that many on a smartphone. Most recently researcher residence Gartner reported a hulk 13.8% dump in smartphone sales in Q2. The news highlighted flagship phones, like a Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS, as being a biggest victims in a lull. It’s usually interjection to clever sales of a mid-range A-series that Samsung managed to say a 1.1% growth.

Apple’s clearly picked adult on a trend with a latest iPhone 11, selecting to keep prices prosaic year-on-year for a new handsets. If Samsung wants to contest we consider it’ll have to go one step serve and make a Galaxy S11 cheaper than a S10 when it launches subsequent year.

5. The Galaxy S11 needs to embankment a hole-punch

Samsung phones traditionally have been among a prettiest Androids around. But this year a S10 family had one big, gaping smirch that done them feel a step behind a series of competing phones. We are of march articulate about a phones’ nauseous hole-punch front cameras.

There have been some artistic Galaxy S10 wallpapers holding advantage of a hole-punch front camera but, for a many part, it’s a pain. When examination cinema or gaming a hole punch in a dilemma of a shade breaks any clarity of soak and is a horrible smear in an differently unblemished phone display.

We’d unequivocally like Samsung to come adult with an all-screen phone design, like a OnePlus 7 Pro or Asus Zenfone 6, for a Galaxy S11.

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6. The Galaxy S11 needs faster charging and and a improved battery life

The Exynos processor versions of Samsung’s Galaxy phones have always offering reduce battery life than their Qualcomm rivals. This remained loyal with a Exynos Galaxy S10, that offers reduce than normal battery life for a flagship.

The Galaxy S10 also fell behind rivals when it came to assign speeds, featuring a limit support for 15W chargers. With a Galaxy Note 10 featuring 45W support and many competing flagships during slightest 25W, we’d like a S11 to adult a battery and assign speeds when it launches subsequent year.

7. The Galaxy S11 needs to support Google Stadia

Google Stadia might be an untested product during a moment, though we are sincerely assured it, or a identical product like Nvidia GeForce Now, is a destiny of mobile gaming.

For those that missed a proclamation progressing this year, Stadia is a cloud streaming use from Google. It aims to let we tide demanding, console-level, triple-A games over a cloud during resolutions adult to 4K.

The tech hasn’t had a full consumer launch and will entrance on a unequivocally tiny series of Pixel phones before expanding a strech in 2020. For Samsung to say a technological corner we consider it’ll need to make certain a Galaxy S11 is one of a initial non-Google flagship Stadia phones.

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