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Galaxy S10 doesn’t know when it’s in your slot and users are fuming

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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is lighting adult user’s pockets, though not indispensably in a complicated parlance. According to mixed reports, a device’s ability to recognize it is sitting in a users slot is misfiring, definition a arrangement is switching on due to random touches.

Early S10 adopters have taken to Reddit and Samsung’s village forums to protest about a issue, that appears to be down to a non-functioning vicinity sensor. Even bill Android phones have vicinity sensors to ensure opposite such random taps while nestled within your trousers, of course.

Because a vicinity sensor does work as advertised when a users are on a call, it’s expected to be a program emanate that could be rectified. Some users are stating that a emanate is activating a fingerprint sensor, causing ‘fingerprint rejected’ vibrations while in a pocket.

Affected S10 buyers have attempted to invalidate lift to wake, always on arrangement and have enabled random hold protections, though nothing of a solutions have resolved a problem.

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“First thing we did was activate daub to wake, we have never seen this in a Samsung phone before,” wrote one indignant user on a Samsung Community forums. “Now we have a newest that Samsung has to offer and it does not work properly. My leg by my fabric taps a phone and opens it up. This is removal my battery, and your random hold insurance underline is useless. That’s dual facilities down right there.”

“$900 for what? Flagship that doesn’t work properly? A Samsung technician travel me by many stairs to besiege this problem, we even bureau reset it with no good results. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves by not checking this.”

The emanate follows reported issues with a in-display fingerprint sensor on a Galaxy S10, with Samsung assuring users it will get improved over time.

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