Galaxy Book S: Price, recover date, specs and design


The Galaxy Book S has strictly launched, with anyone in a UK now means to buy a impossibly lightweight laptop. However, Samsung has usually announced a new indication with an Intel Lakefield chip to make your shopping preference that small bit some-more complicated. 

The stream Galaxy Book S is powered by a Qualcomm processor that uses ARM architecture. This means we get a low-powered nonetheless reasonable opening in an impossibly skinny and unstable design. However, there’s a large locate with ARM, as it doesn’t support all of a same program as a customary Windows 10 laptop. 

The arriving Intel Lakefield processor apparently addresses these problems, regulating harmony issues while still maintaining that ultrabook form. There is a premonition here too though, as a Intel chip lacks a LTE support that comes with a Qualcomm model.

That means conjunction laptop feels a finish package, with Samsung suggesting a Qualcomm indication is best for connectivity, and Intel choice is best for compatibility. 

For some-more information on Galaxy Book S, keep reading on and stay during Trusted Reviews for a arriving review. 

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Galaxy Book S

Galaxy Book S recover date – When will it launch?

The Galaxy Book S is accessible in a UK right now, nonetheless usually in a Qualcomm flavour. 

Samsung has reliable a indication with an Intel Lakefield processor will start shipping in late June, so it might be value watchful until afterwards before we make a purchase. 

Galaxy Book S cost – How most will it cost?

The Galaxy Book S costs £999. Samsung has reliable a Intel Lakefield indication will have a accurate same price, so we don’t need to worry about cost when determining between a two. 

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Galaxy Book S

Galaxy Book S specs – How absolute is a new Samsung laptop?

The standout spec of a Samsung Galaxy Book S is a processor. It’s now accessible with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx processor – a preference that has surpassing implications on how we use a device as good a design.

Such a chip allows a laptop to be thinner than what you’d traditionally find with a likes of Dell, Apple and Lenovo. It also allows for 4G LTE connectivity when versed with a ancillary nano-Sim card. 

To make things a tad some-more complicated, Samsung will shortly be charity a movement of a Galaxy Book S laptop with an Intel Lakefield processor, apropos a unequivocally initial device to a chip. Lakefield offers a lot of a same advantages of a 8cx, nonetheless it reportedly boasts improved harmony with Windows 10 program and support for WiFi 6. It, unfortunately, lacks LTE support. 

It’s now misleading either a Intel chip will offer a increased performance, nonetheless we don’t pattern there to be large differences. Deciding between a dual will expected come down to harmony vs connectivity. 

Here are a specs:

As we can see, a Qualcomm and Intel models of Samunsg’s ultrabook differ some-more than usually what CPU it’s using. The Intel iteration sees double a storage (we’re not utterly certain because this is a case, though we’re not complaining) and is 11 grams lighter. 

However, it’s not all good news for a Lakefield laptop, as Samsung claims a battery life is 8 hours shorter than a Qualcomm counterpart. That said, a 17-hour video playback time is positively zero to be sniffed at. We’ll exam a battery formula ourselves for a review, as companies tend to over-egg a total for real-world use. 

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Galaxy Book S

Galaxy Book S pattern – What does a new Samsung laptop demeanour like?

Like a Surface Pro X, and Lenovo Yoga C630 before it, this ARM-sporting laptop is super skinny and lightweight. The images of a Galaxy Book S uncover off a remarkably skinny pattern during usually 11.8mm during a thickest point.

While being intensely thin, we can pattern it to feel reward too, with an anodised aluminium body. Much like a Surface Pro X, Samsung’s laptop looks like a appurtenance for business and capability users who are looking to uncover off.

You get a choice of dual colours: Mercury Grey and Earthy Gold (really not certain about that second name). Both colours go for a regressive and understated look, distinct a most some-more in your face Galaxy Chromebook.

Despite being so slim, Samsung has still managed to fit in several ports, including 2x USB Type-C, a MicroSD container and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Sadly not Thunderbolt or USB-A ports here. 

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