Galaxy Book Ion vs MacBook Air 2020: Can Samsung replace a tyro champ?


Samsung is jumping behind into a UK laptops marketplace with 3 new devices. In Galaxy Book Ion vs MacBook Air 2020, we see if a new productivity-focused appurtenance can take on Apple.

The Galaxy Book Ion is a many required of a new Samsung laptops – even if it’s usually in terms of form factor. The Ion still aims to mount out with a splendid pattern and glossy blue accents.

On a inside, Samsung has finished a tough work for we when it comes to selecting a model, with usually one set of specs available. By contrast, a MacBook Air 2020 has a ton of customisation options. But when they go head-to-head, who comes out on top?

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Galaxy Book Ion vs MacBook Air 2020 – Price

The Galaxy Book Ion is labelled during £1249 for a 13.3-inch indication and £1299 for a 15.6-inch model. These are a usually prices for a Ion, with usually one indication per size.

MacBook Air pricing starts during £999. However, to get specs on customary with a Galaxy Book Ion, you’ll have to flare out a identical volume of money – that being £1299.

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MacBook Air 2020

Credit: Apple

Galaxy Book Ion vs MacBook Air 2020 – Specs

On a face of it, a specs of these student-friendly capability laptops competence not demeanour that comparable, though a honeyed mark of a MacBook Air models easily falls in with a Galaxy Book Ion pricing. Let’s take a demeanour during how they directly compare:

So, for underneath £1300, we get these laptops with identical horsepower. However, a practice they offer have some graphic differences that can be seen in a specs table.

The pivotal disproportion is a processor. Both facilities 10th Gen Intel chips but, as Intel likes to murky a waters a bit, there is a decent volume of variation. 

The Galaxy Book Ion facilities a Comet Lake H-series processor and, as we can see from a specs table, this offers aloft frequencies than a MacBook Air – this is notwithstanding a Apple laptop also being an i5.

The reduce energy of a MacBook Air comes from it sporting a Y-series processor – Intel’s array of chips that are directed during slimmer and reduction power-demanding mobile machines.

The disproportion in a processor does advantage a MacBook Air in one area. The Y-series chip underline Intel’s Iris Plus graphics, that are a step adult from a UHD graphics enclosed on a Galaxy Book Ion. The opening isn’t outrageous and conjunction of these inclination is done for complicated graphical work like pattern and modifying but, for reduction complete versions of those tasks, a MacBook Air will be some-more equipped.

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MacBook Air 2020

Galaxy Book Ion vs MacBook Air 2020 – Design

The pattern of both of these laptops puts them during a tip of a pile. Apple has a attempted and loyal MacBook pattern that it has honed over several years. While Samsung is returning with a super slim and stylish look.

MacBook Air competence be suspicion of by many as a remarkably skinny laptop, and it is, though we competence be astounded to hear that a Galaxy Book Ion comes in during roughly 4mm thinner. Samsung is really pulling a skinny and light form-factor to a boundary opposite a new Galaxy Book devices.

Nevertheless, both inclination have an intensely reward demeanour and we really won’t be stealing divided in a dilemma in a coffee emporium on these laptops – you’ll wish to uncover them off.

Samsung does offer some-more choice when it comes to pattern – not in terms of looks though in size. MacBook Air comes in one size, with a 13.3-inch display. The Galaxy Book Ion can be purchased as a 13.3-inch arrangement appurtenance or a 15.6-inch one, with usually £50 between a two. The 15.6-inch indication also allows for upgradeable RAM and storage – a accessible inclusion.

Both inclination have some strong excellent arrangement chops too. Apple has utilized a overwhelming Retina Displays on MacBooks for utterly a few years now and a new MacBook Air 2020 has that too. While a Galaxy Book Ion facilities Samsung’s QLED arrangement tech – bringing it to a laptops from a acclaimed TV range.


For capability workloads (and during a sub-£1300) cost point, both of these inclination are well-equipped for letter essay and browsing a web.

With one sensibly-specced model, a Galaxy Book Ion would yield a bit some-more bang-for-your-buck opposite a MacBook Air for a same price.

However, if we are a light user of a web and simple word processing, we can collect adult a indication of a MacBook Air for cheaper. At a other end, it is probable to spec a MacBook Air to residence some-more energy than a Samsung laptop but, with a singular thermal design, it can usually hoop so most and adding extras can be costly when selling with Apple.

Look out for a full reviews of both of these inclination where we’ll be means to give a some-more extensive answer to this ongoing question.

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