FYI: This Is How Celebs Did Loungewear In a ’90s


Hardly a day goes by when we don’t mine a favorite decade—the good aged ’90s—for character inspiration. I know we sound like a damaged record during this point, though we swear we wouldn’t be bringing it adult nonstop if a decade’s pared-back and minimalist cultured wasn’t truly some-more applicable than it’s ever been. Now, adult until this point, we’ve waxed elegant about a 1990s outfits that are on a some-more towering finish of a character spectrum, squeezing in on red runner and travel character looks, though currently we’re branch a lens on an mostly ignored partial of ’90s style: a loungewear.

To be fair, it’s harder to come opposite these loungewear looks of yore since celebs were frequency speckled by a cameras in their off-duty ensembles behind in a day like they are now. But certain enough, with a bit some-more bid and a deeper dive into print archives, we’ve unclosed a few of these celeb ensembles that feel so right for our stream comfy era. Courtesy of stars like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez, we’re sharing a glance of what loungewear looked like in a ’90s and, of course, a selling options to obey it.

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