Fruit extract removed since of high patulin levels


A bottled fruit extract from Australia has been private in 3 countries due to high levels of patulin.

The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) in Hong Kong announced final week that a representation of a splash alien from Australia was infested with a mycotoxin. Patulin can be found in shop-worn or moldy fruits. If infested apples are used to make juices, high levels are expected to be carried by to a final product. Pasteurization will generally destroy mold though can't mislay patulin that is already present.

Juicy Isle Pty Ltd private Pure Tassie – organic apple and blackcurrant extract 1.5 liter in Australia this week.

Testing in Hong Kong
The CFS collected a representation during a supermarket in Hung Hom for contrast as partial of a slight food surveillance program. It was alien and distributed by PARKnSHOP (HK) Limited with a best before date of Oct. 6, 2020.

Juicy Isle recall

Results showed a representation contained patulin during 260 tools per billion (ppb), surpassing a movement turn of 50 ppb adopted by a CFS. This turn is a same as a Codex Alimentarius Commission customary on patulin in apples or apple juice.

The CFS has sensitive a association of a anomaly and a organisation has stopped sale and private from shelves all batches of a influenced product and instituted a recall.

“Patulin mostly occurs in decaying apple and a products. Generally speaking, apple extract with a low turn of patulin will not means strident intoxication. For humans, nausea, gastrointestinal disturbances and queasiness have been reported,” pronounced a CFS spokesman.

CFS warned charge will be instituted should there be sufficient evidence. An delinquent is theme to a extent excellent of HKD $50,000 (USD$6,500) and seizure for 6 months on conviction.

Singapore and Australia recalls
The turn of patulin rescued by CFS also exceeds a extent extent in fruit extract in a Singapore Food Regulations. This might means a product to be vulnerable for expenditure and people who have purchased a object should not devour it, according to a Singapore Food Agency.

The group told a importer, Cold Storage Singapore (1983) Pte Ltd, to remember a product and this movement is ongoing.

In Australia, a splash was sole during Coles, IGA and Original Organic Juice in New South Wales; in IGA and Coles in Queensland and Victoria and usually IGA in Western Australia.

In Tasmania, it could be bought during Hills Street Grocer, IGA Strahan, Port Cygnet Grocer, Macquarie Supermarket, IGA Dover and Oyster Cove Fruit and Vegetable Store. Coles, Drake’s, Foodland and On a Run stores stocked a object in South Australia.

Company response and other extract with patulin
Juicy Isle, a association formed in Tasmania, has been producing juices for scarcely 50 years.

“Testing has suggested an towering turn of patulin that is mostly found in apple extract and associated products. Consuming a product might means revulsion and intensity vomiting. Consumers should equivocate celebration a extract and are suggested to lapse a product for a reinstate of a squeeze price,” pronounced a matter on a company’s Facebook page.

“We bewail that we have let a business down on this arise and apologize for a nuisance and any impact on you. We demeanour brazen to carrying uninformed batches in a marketplace as shortly as possible.”

Earlier this month, a CFS in Hong Kong found a opposite bottled fruit juice drink imported from New Zealand was infested with patulin during a turn surpassing a limit.

The group collected a representation during a supermarket in North Point for testing. Results showed a representation contained patulin during 150 ppb – above a 50 ppb movement level.

The 1 liter bottle of 100% Raw Apple Juice with Manuka honey, lemon and ginger was made by Homegrown Juice Company and alien by Dairy Farm Company Limited. It has a best before date of Jun 21, 2020.

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