Four events, 240,000 fewer attendees and invitations usually − All we need to know about IFA 2020


After a termination of MWC, Google I/O, GDC and countless other tech events, it came as a warn when it was suggested that this year’s book of IFA, a outrageous annual tool and home apparatus showcase, is set to go brazen as a earthy event, notwithstanding on a many smaller scale than usual. Read on for what we know about IFA 2020.

IFA 2020 dates

As ever, IFA 2020 will take place in Berlin − presumably during Messe Berlin. The uncover will open on Thursday, Sep 3, and it will run for 3 days only, entrance to a tighten on Saturday, Sep 5.

But get this. Last year’s uncover captivated 245,000 visitors, including 2800 reporters from 160 countries. Not usually would that, to put it mildly, not be advisable in a midst or evident issue of a lethal pandemic, yet it wouldn’t be probable either, a city of Berlin carrying criminialized events involving some-more than 5000 participants until during slightest Oct 24.

IFA 2020 will not be open to a public. Instead, a event’s organisers have pronounced that it will be invite-only and that they “will put despotic boundary on a series of attendees”, with no some-more than 1000 people authorised to attend any of a 4 categorical events:

  • IFA Global Press Conference
  • IFA NEXT meets IFA SHIFT Mobility
  • IFA Global Markets
  • IFA Business, Retail Meeting Lounges

800 reporters from during slightest 50 countries will be invited to Berlin to cover a Global Press Conference, that is where brands and manufacturers will showcase their latest products.

IFA NEXT meets IFA SHIFT Mobility will have a startup flavour, while a final dual will give companies a eventuality to crush out deals.

The organisers of IFA have betrothed a “virtual experience” too, yet it isn’t nonetheless transparent what that will entail.

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IFA 2020 exhibitors

Although several vital companies forsaken out of MWC 2020 before a GSMA eventually pulled a block on a whole thing, a immeasurable infancy of attendees seemed dynamic to press brazen with a show, notwithstanding a fast widespread of coronavirus during that time.

It should maybe come as no surprise, then, to see that several outrageous names have already given IFA 2020 their backing, including Qualcomm, Huawei, Fitbit, Sennheiser and Miele. Here’s what a companies have said:

“Wireless record has never been some-more essential. we demeanour brazen to pity how 5G, AI and other pivotal technologies will broach a capabilities a universe needs during these rare times and over during IFA Berlin 2020.” – Cristiano Amon, boss of Qualcomm

“Huawei has been participating IFA for 9 years. It has been an glorious height for #Huawei to foster a products and strategies as good as assembly friends around a world. We demeanour brazen to fasten a eventuality in a new form.” – Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei

“A unequivocally startling and moving IFA judgment during a right time. We are now examining how we can best use these ideas for Fitbit’s tellurian ambitions. It is some-more critical than ever to yield certain impulses for a industry, media and trade.” – Michael Maier, CEO of Fitbit

“In a time in that sell of ideas and certain impulses are some-more critical than ever, we are unequivocally gratified to see such a artistic proceed to bringt a suggestion of IFA to life in 2020.” – Daniel and Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, co-CEOs of Sennheiser

“Corona presents us all with good challenges. The creativity with that a Messe Berlin is but handling to pierce exhibitors, trade and media together this year is unequivocally great. And we are gay to be partial of it.” – Dr. Reinhard Zinkann, executive executive of Miele

At a time of publication, some-more than 1800 exhibitors are listed on IFA’s website, yet it doesn’t demeanour like a office has been updated given final year’s event.

IFA 2020 keynotes

Qualcomm boss Cristiano Amon will broach a opening keynote, and apparently skeleton to pronounce about “the company’s latest developments in 5G, AI and other pivotal technologies that will expostulate a destiny of a Internet and broach a inclination and capabilities a universe needs”.

Amon was a keynote orator during final year’s eventuality too, as was Huawei CEO Richard Yu, who we’d adore to hear from given a ongoing US trade ban.

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IFA 2020 coronavirus reserve measures

IFA’s organisers “have been in tighten coordination with open health authorities,” according to Jens Heithecker, a executive executive of IFA Berlin.

“They have worked with us as we have grown a concept, and together we have concluded a protected and applicable solution,” he added.

“Of course, we wish and design that between now and September, a open health conditions will improve. However, we are basing all a formulation on a many difficult health and reserve guidelines.”

Reducing a series of attendees to 1000 per eventuality should make it easier to make amicable distancing, and all keynotes and press conferences will take place on dual or 3 stages, definition attendees won’t have to pierce from discussion gymnasium to discussion hall.

That will come as a service to anyone who’s ever visited a labyrinthine Messe Berlin before, where removing totally mislaid and anticipating yourself in a center of a building site is customary for a course.

“The organizers will make certain that amicable distancing, clever throng control and other effective open hygiene measures are all in place,” IFA has pronounced in an announcement.

We’re going to assume that handshakes are off a menu.

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