Forget Zoom, Google Duo is about to get 4 large upgrades


Your friends and colleagues competence be congregating on Zoom and Houseparty these days, though Google Duo is dynamic not to be left in a dust.

Google has only denounced 4 new facilities that will hurl out to Duo users this week. Among a changes entrance with this refurbish is a new ‘take a photo’ feature.

With a daub of a button, users can now take snapshots from a call to constraint critical moments from miles away. The categorical disproportion between Duo’s print underline and other video job apps is that Duo automatically composites both cameras side-by-side, so we won’t only see yourself sneaking in a dilemma a approach we would if we used your phone’s screenshot apparatus to constraint a moment.

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One of Duo’s some-more singular facilities is a video and voice messages we can leave when your friends can’t come to a phone. According to Google, Duo has gifted an 800% boost in messages left in regions utterly impacted by amicable distancing. In response to this, Google is adding a choice to automatically save messages in a app instead of examination them finish after 24 hours so we can demeanour behind during your many suggestive messages.

Google has also upped a organisation call ability from 8 participants to 12 (with skeleton to boost this serve in a future) and introduced new AOMedia Video 1 video codec record to urge video call peculiarity and trustworthiness for users, even on low bandwidth connections.

According to Google Duo Group Project Manager Dave Citron, over 10 million new users pointer adult to Duo each week and, in many countries, call mins have increasing by some-more than 10-fold in new weeks.

While Duo’s boost isn’t utterly as considerable as Zoom’s expansion over a past few months – Zoom leaped from 10 million daily assembly participants in Dec to a some-more than 200 million available in Mar – it also isn’t as controversial.

Zoom has been a aim of critique given a finish of Mar when Motherboard reported that a video job app was promulgation information to Facebook but seeking for user consent.

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We’ll have to wait and see if these new Duo facilities will be adequate to remonstrate Zoom users to make a jump to Google’s end-to-end encrypted organisation job app.

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