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Forget a MacBook, a new Surface Pro will be a dual-screen beauty, apparently

Following a week of some dumb PC concepts stemming from Computex – it appears Microsoft has a singular thought adult a possess sleeve. The association is reportedly operative on a judgment that would move a life an aged thought – before referred to as Courier.

The Microsoft Surface group has begun display off a new dual-screen device internally. The device is reportedly codenamed Centaurus and is expected to take cues from Microsoft’s former Courier concept. The Courier was a touchscreen device and looked like had a book or a biography – display off dual screens inside when opened.

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Microsoft Surface

Image Credit: The Verge

Centaurus appears to be disposition most some-more into being a normal judgment than a Courier – sounding identical to Lenovo’s latest foldable shade concept. According to The Verge, a Centaurus device will be a initial to run a Windows Lite handling system. Windows Lite is dictated to be a no-frills chronicle of Windows to contest with handling systems like Chrome OS.

The codename Centaurus emerged late final year. At that time, a pattern was being compared to inclination like a Lenovo Yoga Book. A Yoga Book character of laptop sees a touch-sensitive shade behaving as a keyboard resolution accompanied with a second screen.

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The Surface group has seemed to be tough during work on a destiny of a product line of late. In May, a Surface Pro 7 was rumoured to be receiving a new type-cover. The associated obvious seemed to uncover USB-C on a new device. Microsoft has avoided USB-C on a Surface Pro line so distant – instead opting for a company’s exclusive Surface Connect port.

At a commencement of 2019, a Surface group branched out – relocating divided from PCs to emanate a Surface Headphones. The product diversification nows seems like it wasn’t a one-off. Microsoft is reportedly operative on wireless Surface Buds to opposition a Apple AirPods.

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