Footage of cancelled Half-Life: Ravenholm denounced in new documentary


Arkane Studios has expelled footage of Half-Life: Ravenholm, a spinoff plan in a dear authorization it worked on a array of years ago for Valve. 

The plan was showcased as partial of Noclip’s latest documentary that focuses on a story of Arkane Studios. The developer is obliged for a array of classics such as Dishonored, Prey and a few other underrated gems. 

Known as Ravenholm, a plan was creatively in growth during Warren Spector’s Junction Point, before being handed off to Arkane after a array of elements in a pretension had been established. From here it continued to grow, with a studio producing a array of levels set opposite a iconic universe. 

Players would find themselves personification as Lieutenant Shephard from Opposing Force after awakening in a common headquarters of Father Gregory. From here, they would support in restoring energy to a surrounding city before finally venturing into a condemned proportions of Ravenholm. You can see it for yourself next from a 33:33 notation mark: 

For a bit of context, Ravenholm is a plcae from Half-Life 2 filled with all demeanour of terrible monsters and other unmanageable creatures. It possesses a graphic presence fear vibe, still promulgation chills adult a spines over sixteen years later. It’s a favourite among fans, that explains because Arkane Studios was fervent to enhance on it further. 

The spin-off would have featured an innovative new arms famous as a Magnet Gun. This would have been able of attracting lead equipment most like a sobriety gun before expelling them towards enemies with heartless force. It would also be used to solve a accumulation of environmental puzzles.

While a array of leaks labelled it as another entrance in a episodic Half-Life array or even a full blown sequel, Arkane Studios considers Ravenholm to be a possess entity outward of Gordon Freeman’s story. It’s a contrition it never came to fruition, given a thought of a horror-driven Half-Life sounds honestly fascinating.

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