Flannels Have Officially Returned So Here Are 23 Chic Ones


If we never stopped wearing flannels, some-more energy to you, though for those of we who put a shirt character to rest in high school, I have news for you: Flannel shirts are strictly cold again, and I have all a calm to infer it. What was once suspicion of as a tumble essential fast fell to a wayside after a early 2000s, though according to my research, they are behind and they are better. I started saying a lapse of a shirt character interjection to my best friend, Mimi, who approach messaged me this print on Instagram one day seeking me if flannels were cold again. My initial greeting was positively not, though interjection to conform week travel style and a contentment of versions we have been saying in a market, we have been proven really wrong. 

Fashion girls have been incorporating plaid flannel shirts into their tumble 2019 wardrobes in each approach imaginable. Whether they are layered over neat tailored trousers or are buttoned usually during a tip-top, a lapse of a flannel shirt trend this time around is feeling fresher than ever, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Ahead, check out how women have been styling a trend on a streets, on Instagram, and afterwards be certain to emporium 23 of my favorite stylish versions that will have we feeling like this competence be a usually shirt we wear all fall. 

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