Fix entrance after OnePus 8 Pro ‘green tint’ arrangement complaints


OnePlus is earnest remedies after some OnePlus 8 Pro early adopters complained of issues with one of a signature facilities – a 120Hz liquid arrangement a association markets as ‘the best you’ll ever lay eyes on’.

The Chinese organisation told Trusted Reviews it is operative on solutions that’ll hurl out in stirring updates, amid reports of a bizarre immature stain to a arrangement from some pre-order customers, as good as what looks like it could be picture bake or ghosting/image retention.

Some of a issues had been beheld by some OnePlus 8 Pro reviewers (via Android Police), though they don’t seem to be uniform since a arrangement on a indication was definitely flawless. Indeed, some of a complaints are common to all OLED devices.

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The issues have come to light again by posts on a OnePlus subreddit, with one user user posting rather worrying looking images of his phone’s arrangement after only 24 hours of use. One of that is below.

Another user claimed to have perceived a respond from OnePlus support suggesting that avoiding observation high contrariety calm for prolonged durations competence be a remedy, and also strengthen a shade from durability damage. The supposed support representative insisted a emanate was not associated to a production defect.

The representative is pronounced to have written: “When observation same calm with high contrasts for a prolonged time, infrequently a brief afterimage will uncover and disappear within a brief time. Suggestion is… don’t let a shade display a high contrasts calm for too prolonged to equivocate irrevocable damage.”

In a statement, OnePlus says a reports are being investigated and updates are on a way, that implies this is a program emanate rather than any problem with a hardware itself.

The organisation told Trusted Reviews: “OnePlus values user feedback and is committed to delivering a best smartphone experience. Our group is now questioning these reports to brand a best solutions for a users, and we will emanate updates as shortly as they are ready. Regarding a immature tint, we are operative to solve this in a subsequent OTA.”

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