‘Find my’ app helps bust sex trafficker & some-more in a Apple crime blotter


Two outrageous Apple Store thefts in Milwaukee, Apple’s “Find My” app leads to a sex trafficker, thousands of iPhone screens taken, and a stolen iPad found among other heterogeneous equipment —all this week in a Apple Crime Blotter.

The Mayfair Mall Apple Store in Wisconsin
The Mayfair Mall Apple Store in Wisconsin

The latest in an occasional AppleInsider array examining a universe of Apple-related crime.

iPhone and iPad thievery intrigue also concerned manager’s kidnapping

Two organisation in South Carolina were arrested this week on charges that they kidnapped a manager of a T-Mobile store, forced him to let them in, and stole dozens of Apple products.

According to ABC News 4, military contend a dual suspects kidnapped a manager during gunpoint from outward his home, gathering him to a store, and forced him to let them in. At that indicate they stole 50 iPhones, 8 Apple Watches, 15 iPads, and $1,500 cash. The manager was unscathed and sensitive military that one of a stolen phones was versed with a tracker, that they used to detain a suspects.

$25,000 in equipment stolen from Milwaukee Apple Stores

A contingent of thieves reportedly stole some-more than $25,000 in equipment from dual Apple Stores in a Milwaukee area during a finish of January. According to The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, a thefts during a Mayfair Mall and Bayshore locations took place usually 30 mins apart. The initial thievery netted 17 Apple watches, 14 Apple sorcery trackpads, and one Apple pencil while a second enclosed 8 Apple watches, 9 Apple pencils, 4 Apple Airpods and 5 Apple sorcery trackpads.

Video has been expelled by military of a Mayfair theft.

Apple Watches, Apple Pencils taken from Tennessee Apple Store

In other Apple Store thievery news, a span of thieves reportedly stole 11 Apple Watches 20 Apple Pencils from a Cool Springs Apple Store in Franklin, Tenn., on Feb. 8. According to Williamson Source, a thievery totaled around $7,000 value of items.

Stolen iPad found along with selected journal and other items

A automobile was pulled over final week by state troopers in Indiana, who detected a far-reaching accumulation of stolen items. According to BND, a equipment enclosed an iPad, some-more than dual dozen credit and withdraw cards, drug paraphernalia, autographed footballs, and a journal from a day after a 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Police are operative to lapse a equipment to their legitimate owners.

Feud between activists, farmers includes holding of iPhone and cow

A long-running brawl between a owners of a Maryland plantation and a organisation of animal-rights activists from Virginia has led to sharpening rapist charges between a plantation and a activists. According to The Baltimore Sun, one of a activists has been charged with both second-degree attack and a fourth-degree passionate offense. On tip of that, a partner of a rancher has been indicted of hidden a iPhone of one of a activists and deleterious her car.

The brawl dates behind to 2019, when another member of a animal ransom organisation pled guilty to hidden a cow from a plantation and relocating it to an animal refuge called Life With Pigs.

“Tens of thousands” value of iPhone screens stolen from U.K. distributor

Mobio Distribution, a U.K.-based distributor of mobile parts, suffered a vital thievery of iPhone screens from a plcae in Banbury. According to Mobile News, a company’s co-director described a detriment from a thievery as “into a tens of thousands,” and combined that a thieves seemed to have targeted screens privately and left other equipment alone.

Find My iPhone led to detain of male indicted of sex trafficking

A male indicted on sovereign charges that he coerced his partner to drug and sack organisation over a march of 4 years —one of whom died —was held after one of their victims used Find My iPhone.

According to a Justice Department press release, Randy Jonal Schenck was charged on 12 counts, including sex trafficking by force, rascal and coercion, travel of an particular to rivet in harlotry and aggravated temperament theft. The Associated Press reported that Schenck was arrested during a hotel in Georgia after a victim, who had mixed smartphones stolen, used Find My iPhone to lane him.

Restaurant burglaries lead to 3 years in prison

Elsewhere in Georgia, another indicted burglar is headed to prison, also interjection to tracking of an Apple device that he stole. According to The Press Herald, a 54-year-old male has pled guilty to a array of grill burglaries in a Augusta area. In one of a thefts, a male took an iPad that contained a tracking device, heading military to a partner to whom he had means a stolen device.

After pleading guilty to dual depends of burglary, 3 depends of theft, and one count any of thievery of a engine car and rapist mischief, a male was condemned to 3 years in prison.

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