Feeling out of control right now? This life manager plan might assistance ease a turbulence


The pretence is, then, that we all take on this “calm, caring, totalled and positive” opinion that Robbins described, to assistance one another navigate by a crisis.

In other words, we should all make an bid to daub a middle relaxing pilots. 

We competence not have all a answers; we competence not even have any. But we need to make room for those adult and down emotions that will arise as we go by turbulence, and conflict in a consistent, low-key way – only as a commander competence while negotiating their approach around a charge cloud. 

Because, as Robbins said, “It competence feel like things are crashing [but] we’re not going to crash. We’re going to land in Chicago as planned.”

Reassuring difference indeed. See a video in full right here.

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