Fans Have a Wild Theory About Love’s Pregnancy in ‘You’ Season 2


This post contains spoilers for You deteriorate two. Proceed during your possess risk.

Have we recovered from all a twists and turns in You deteriorate dual on Netflix yet? It was utterly a ride, examination Joe carve out a new life for himself in Los Angeles as “Will” and turn spooky with a new woman—the aptly named Love.

But as we know, Love isn’t accurately a sweet, organic-juice-drinking Angeleno she creatively seemed to be. By a finish of a season, we came to learn that she too is a killer who essentially believes her actions are justified. She’s only safeguarding a people she loves, right? Love also drops a large bombshell on Joe: She’s pregnant. In a final scenes we see a integrate relocating into a new residence with her baby strike on display.

Fans, however, have a speculation about pronounced pregnancy that has a lot of justification behind it. They consider a baby isn’t indeed Joe’s though her ex Milo’s. During a dissection after Love discovers Joe/Will has been fibbing about his identity, she quickly reconnects with her aged flame, who also happens to be her passed ex-husband’s best friend.

This speculation tracks. It’s uncanny Joe doesn’t doubt a timing of Love’s pregnancy during all or a fact that Love blurts out this news in an try to save her possess life.

“I have a really clever speculation for You deteriorate 3 and your thoughts on it. we trust a baby is not Joe’s; it’s Milo’s. After Love pennyless adult with him, she had sex with Milo. Love and Joe didn’t get behind together until he was removing prepared to leave LA in a final episodes,” one fan tweeted. Another posted, “Since Love is a veteran liar, what if a baby is indeed Milo’s and her observant she told him to use insurance is only an forgive for Joe to stay with her

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