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Facebook Messenger dim mode no longer needs a mysterious pretence to unlock

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Facebook has announced a tellurian accessibility of a Messenger app’s dim mode, following a month-long trial.

For a final few weeks, users have been means to clear a retina-friendly mode by typing a crescent moon emoji within a conversation. Now it’s simply a box of streamer into a settings apportionment of a app and toggling a new dim mode switch.

If we missed out on activating a mode around a crafty small Easter egg, Facebook is still enabling we do so, only for fun.

“Messenger’s dim mode provides revoke liughtness while progressing contrariety and vibrancy,” a association wrote in a blog post on Monday. “Dark mode cuts down a glisten from your phone for use in low light situations, so we can use a Messenger facilities we adore no matter when or where we are.”

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Dark mode has turn an increasingly fascinating underline from web and mobile app users seeking to revoke eye strain. The likes of Twitter, YouTube, Slack, Chrome, Google News, Google Maps, and Signal have all combined a choice for darker settings in new months.

WhatsApp is also suspicion to be contrast out a possess spin on a dim mode, while Google is reportedly formulation to offer a system-wide dim mode when Android Q rolls out after this year.

During a trial, Facebook had presented users with a message:  “You Found Dark Mode! Be one of a initial to try a new dim Messenger background” after unlocking a feature. The popup stirred users to  dive into a Facebook Messenger settings menu, where they’d see a dim mode toggle, that is now accessible to a whole community.

Which app would we like to see adopt a dim mode? Should developers be charity retina-saving modes as standard? Let us know @TrustedReviews on Twitter, around a new representation black mode, naturally.