Facebook canceling F8 could meant bad news for an Apple event


Facebook’s F8 discussion is not a usually uncover or eventuality that has been canceled since of COVID-19. Back in February, a whole Mobile World Congress 2020 trade uncover was canceled, that followed after many big-name companies like Amazon, LG, NVIDIA, Sony, Vivo, and some-more pulled out of MWC 2020 over Coronavirus.

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) usually recently strictly canceled a yearly discussion after losing some big-name companies including a following: Sony, Facebook and Oculus Gaming, Kojima Productions, Unity, EA, Microsoft, Epic Games and Unreal Engine, Amazon, Activision Blizzard, and Gearbox. With so many outrageous companies no longer attending GDC, we’re wondering because a uncover is even continuing, and it might usually be a matter of time — it’s not unequivocally value going to anymore, is it?

These gaming and tech conferences are bringing people from all over a globe, and a risk of COVID-19 bearing is high in some areas. The CDC records that China, Iran, Italy, and South Korea are commanding turn 3 warnings about traveling, that means ” The CDC recommends that travelers equivocate all low transport to these countries.” Honestly, canceling or postponing such large events is a right call right now.

What about Apple’s Mar event?

As of right now, we still do not have any news on either or not Apple will be holding a common Mar eventuality in a entrance weeks. The rumors right now indicate to a probable iPhone 9 launch, new iPads, and maybe even Apple Tags, though no word on if there’s an event. Apple could usually silently announce an iPad modernise by press releases (they’ve expelled updated products this approach previously), or maybe they can do a video display with new product launches and announcements instead this year, afterwards report calls with specific members of media to probably demo their facilities before promulgation out examination units.

This is all speculation, though with so many other companies pulling out of trade shows or cancelling whole conferences altogether, there is a lot of doubt in a air.

I am anticipating that there is still going to be a Mar eventuality for Apple, though during this point, we wouldn’t be astounded if there isn’t.

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