Exposed: 5G covid-19 swindling idealist outed by report


The former Vodafone employee, who peddled groundless swindling theories that a covid-19 pestilence was a cover for a illness caused by a proliferation of 5G, has been unprotected as a male of a cloth… of sorts.

The Guardian says a male obliged for creation a claims, listened by millions, is an devout priest from Luton, who preaches during churches in Bedfordshire. Jonathan James expelled a 38-minutes recording detailing claims that a 5G masts being erected in cities around a universe are a genuine means of a pestilence murdering hundreds of thousands of people, and inspiring millions of others.

The comments coincided with vandals and arsonists aggressive mobile phone masts, some of that are relied on by a puncture services for essential communications.

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“It has zero to do with biological crusade though is a bodies reacting to radio magnitude radiation. They are regulating coronavirus to try to censor a fact that people are failing from a 5G frequency,” he pronounced during a recording.

“The coronavirus is not what’s murdering people, it is clearly, categorically, unquestionably proven that a radio frequencies we are being unprotected to are murdering a people. God has sanctified me with a ability to move manifold pieces of information together that puts a nonplus together and creates clarity of it.”

Experts, a government, and a National Health Service have been forced to indicate out large times that links between a pathogen and 5G mobile internet are complete codswallop, and there is no justification radio waves can conflict a tellurian respiratory system. However, a attacks on masts are stability around a UK.

His claims, notwithstanding their wackiness, perceived some-more faith due to his avowal he was a Vodafone bigwig – clearly a immeasurable exaggeration of his role.  Vodafone sources told a Guardian that James had indeed worked for a organisation in a sales position for reduction than a year behind in 2014. Much of a UK was still watchful for 4G behind in 2014, and 5G was hardly a wink in a company’s eyes when James worked there.

James had also claimed governments around a universe were seeking a intensity vaccine to lane populations and settle a new notice society. YouTube has criminialized his misinformation, though a shave is still being widely circulated on platforms like WhatsApp.

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