Estos serán los peores días del 2020 (astrológicamente hablando)


Yeah, so, 2020 will def be…an engaging year! We have 6 eclipses, 3 Mercury Retrogrades, and Venus and Mars Retrogrades. Sounds fun, right?! Welp, between all that adorned astro dramz, there are indeed several more dates that will offer us all some-more power and stupidity than a Real Housewives reunion. So squeeze yourself a potion (bucket?) of whatever, breathe, and let’s run by a other *worst* dates of a year. (It’ll be fine—really!)

January 12th: Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn

Big! Capricorn! Energy! This fixing falls right after a lunar obscure on Jan 10th and brings play to a forefront of a year. We might get held with a hands in a cookie jar, adore triangles will implode, and we’ll all wish to have a final sour word.

March 23rd: Mars and Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn

Expect to be spooky with achieving your goals no matter what—which unfortunately means stepping on a toes of your colleagues and friends. This aspect will means a difference in relationships. It’s a ultimate boss-up vibe, though, that can be great! And can lead to some of us shedding a rip by a evening.

March 31st: Mars and Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius

This dumb appetite will make us dynamic to not usually take over a universe though also claim a beliefs onto others—the good, a bad, and a ugly. Maybe don’t record on to Twitter, mmkay?

June 13th: Mars and Neptune Conjunction in Pisces

When movement world Mars and misty Neptune come together, they cancel any other’s appetite out. Meaning, they make a other’s vast appetite moot. In this case, it will force us to mount still and be incompetent to pierce in any direction. Expect to feel stranded in all areas of your life.

August 13th, Oct 9th, and Dec 23rd: Mars in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn

Well, since Mars turns opposing in a autumn of 2020, we will have the, ahem, pleasure (*eye roll*) of traffic with this diligent appetite 3 times this year. We might turn intensely selfish—like, during a bureau or in a bedroom.

December 21st: Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius

This transit, famous as a Great Conjunction, happens each 19 years. Together, these dual planets emanate a healthy ambivalence when in tangible movement together IRL. It creates us all capricious of a futures and can emanate tensions within partnerships.

December 31st: Venus in Sagittarius Conjuncts a South Node

Talk about removing mislaid in love…! This aspect will make us all feel lovesick and financially unstable, due to Venus joining adult with a South Node. We’ll be stranded in a past and substantially swooning over an ex—we might even make bad financial decisions and dedicate to a wrong person.

Stop screaming! Now that we have these dates, we can devise forward to stay chill and consider clearly…or, we know, call in ill to work and rain-check that initial date. Stay strong, bb!

*Please note that all these dates are distributed on Eastern Standard Time.

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