Dyson Just Launched a £400 Hair Straightener, and This Is My Honest Review


If you’re not overly informed with Dyson haircare, let me offer we a brief overview. Back in 2016, a brand, formerly famous for crafting high-end opening cleansers, palm driers and fans, launched into beauty with a Supersonic hair dryer. It betrothed heated energy with minimal sound and, many importantly, minimal feverishness damage. Then, dual years after in 2018, it expelled potentially one of a many innovative hair collection that a attention had ever seen, a Airwrap: a multi-use apparatus (again with minimal heat) that offers a full blow-dry knowledge during home by utilising an air-flow Coanda outcome for buoyant curls. In short, Dyson’s lane record means that when the brand talks, we listen. 

A tiny caveat, however, is that Dyson haircare products are unusually expensive. The Supersonic will set we behind a cold £300, while a Airwrap varies in cost from £400 to £450, depending on attachments. With that being said, I’m not ashamed to contend we honestly trust that when it comes to Dyson, we get what we compensate for. Since switching to Dyson hair tools, not usually is a condition of my hair so most better, though my styling diversion has softened tenfold. So when we detected that Dyson was rising a new hair tool, we couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

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