DualSense: Everything we know about Sony’s PS5 controller


The PS5 has been chugging along during a possess gait when it comes to revelations about a arriving next-gen console. However, Sony has increasing a outlay in new weeks – including a just-announced DualSense controller. Let’s take a demeanour during a DualShock 4 replacement.

While Sony hasn’t been discerning to a pull for divulgence hardware – with Xbox Series X being months forward in that dialect – a new DualSense controller has really done a matter on a arrival.

A lot of people would have been awaiting a DualShock 5 reveal, with a fixing gathering being used given a pregnancy of PlayStation, though Sony has opted for something opposite – and it is really different.

Along with a engaging aspects of a controller itself, a DualSense has a ton of implications for a PS5 console and altogether knowledge – from reimaging voice discuss to a console’s aesthetics. Read on for a Trusted Reviews guide on all we know about a new PS5 controller. 

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DualSense – What is it?

In elementary terms, a DualSense is a new controller pattern for a arriving PS5 console – replacing a DualShock 4 and station in for what we suspicion would be called a DualShock 5.

In some-more epitome terms, it’s a radical rethink for Sony’s controller regulation and a good denote of what a PS5 itself could demeanour like.

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Taking a demeanour during a front of a DualSense, a initial thing that will strike we is a colour intrigue – left is a normal all-black blueprint with varicoloured face buttons. Instead, we get a two-tone pattern with white being a determined colour.

The pattern really gives off unconventional vibes, with some contrast it to tech found in a Mass Effect series. The DualSense also looks like it wouldn’t demeanour out of place alongside Alienware’s Aurora R9 desktop.

Regarding tweaks to a figure of a controller, a DualSense really seems to have taken some cues from Xbox – though entirely vacating from DualShock 4. The PS5 controller appears somewhat some-more bony and has a bit of a chunkier coming around a grips.

The other large depart is one that Sony has frequently hinted during and has been heavily rumoured – new shoulder buttons. The buttons, quite L1 and L2, really demeanour opposite from a DualShock 4’s stream charity and they underline Sony’s new haptic feedback tech.

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There are also some smaller tweaks that could have varying levels of impact of a PS5 experience. Say goodbye to Share and Options, both buttons are deputy with trademark – with a new Options being a same indicator as a Xbox controller. The Share symbol is represented by 3 fanned out lines, with one shrewd Twitter user accurately comparing it to a famous goose’s honk.

We don’t nonetheless know because Share has turn Create though Sony says new elements will be present: “we’re once again pioneering new ways for players to emanate epic gameplay calm to share with a world, or only to suffer for themselves.”

The new PS5 controller also comes with a built-in microphone array, with Sony touting we can use it as a new approach to discuss with your friends. However, a association does advise still regulating a headset for extended sessions.

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