Dr. Drew Apologizes After Clips Of His AWFUL Coronavirus Takes Go Viral!


Wow, we knew Dr. Drew Pinsky has been reduction a alloy and some-more a Teen Mom arbitrate for a final decade, though we overtly always insincere his medical opinion was legit. (If we’re being honest it positively doesn’t harm he’s been a china fox with a voluptuous bedside demeanour full of ease gravitas — not to discuss he was mostly a voice of reason subsequent to Adam Carolla.)

Now, however, we feel like we’re starting to feel like he might have NO EFFING CLUE what he’s articulate about!

We hadn’t been following the Love Line doc’s explanation on a coronavirus pestilence — mostly since we don’t watch Faux News — though a integrate endangered people put together supercuts of his romantic attacks on a media’s description of COVID-19 as some kind of critical problem, and it is chilling.

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For real, in clips on his own Dose of Dr. Drew uncover and on several Fox News programs, he says over and over again it’s “mild” and “way reduction serious” than a common flu, it’s all a “press-induced panic”, and that if you’re underneath 65 “you’re gonna be fine”. He even says you’re distant some-more expected to die from a meteorite attack you.

Wow. We’re not certain if he severely underestimated this pathogen or if he thinks thousands of people are removing strike by meteorites each day. Either way, it is a SHOCKING matter from a male with a medical degree.

Even worse, that forceful tongue goes all a approach into a center of March! Watch a fibre of clips (below):