Download Birmingham Live app for all a latest news on Apple and Android – and it’s totally free


BirminghamLive readers can download a tailor-made app to get a latest news, views and insights true to their smartphones.

If you’re an Android or an Apple device owner, we can download a BirminghamLive app to get a really latest news from your area.

Whether we wish a latest trade and transport updates, violation news, crime alerts or a collect of a city’s events, we’ve got it all.

You can customise a app to give we a news YOU wish to review – from coronavirus to your favourite football club.

There’s all from money-saving tips, TV coverage, insights into a city’s humanities and enlightenment scene, and latest showbiz gossip.

Our pull notifications assistance prominence a biggest stories to we first.

Aston Villa, Birmingham City, West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers fans can get closer to their bar with a rolling news coverage and idea alerts true to your mobile.

And a best news? Well, like a infancy of a other apps on your phone, it’s totally free, ensuring we can keep adult to date with all a city’s goings on but profitable a penny.

Watch a video above to see how it all works and click on a app above to download yours.

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