Don’t let a Pixel 4 dope you, Google says it’s still critical about flagship phones


The Pixel 4 competence have done we consider otherwise, though Google trainer Sundar Pichai has pronounced that a association is still critical about high-end smartphones.

Google’s 2019 smartphone releases gave off a sense that a association was some-more committed to a mid-range Pixel a array than a flagships. The Pixel 3a was one of a best phones of 2019, while a Pixel 4 was arguably a singular many unsatisfactory recover of a year.

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However, in an talk with The Verge, Google’s tip dog not usually pronounced that a association is “putting a lot of a bid into” high-end devices, though also suggested that this competence even be some-more of a priority than entry-level hardware.

“The area where we have demonstrated a strongest value proposition, that’s because we gave a [Pixel] 3A example, it’s where we clearly have demonstrated it. But carrying pronounced that, if we wish to expostulate computing forward, that high finish is where you’re going to also keep relocating a needle. And it’s where we are putting a lot of a bid into,” Sundar Pichai said.

“So we will continue to see us deposit in both ends of a spectrum. We caring all a approach — [we’re] apparently operative with a ecosystem [on] entry-level devices. I’m deeply ardent about that. But definitely, a high finish is something where we’re putting in a lot of effort. That’s where some of a underlying investments pay.”

While Pichai didn’t go as distant as revelation that a Pixel 4 had been a disaster, he did say: “We are unequivocally going to have hiccups. We are a nascent actor in a unequivocally formidable space, so not everything’s going to be smooth.”

Both a Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL suffered from terrible battery life, that is something that a conduct of Google’s hardware division, Rick Osterloh, flagged adult forward of launch.

However, Google possibly chose not to, or didn’t have adequate time to, do something about it, and a phones were subsequently slated in many reviews.

It also recently emerged that Marc Levoy, one of a pivotal total behind Portrait Mode, Night Sight, HDR+ and other camera facilities for a Pixel line, left Google in March. A worrying growth forward of a launch of a Pixel 4a and Pixel 5.

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“Hardware is hard. And it unequivocally has components, that take genuine time to get it right, meditative about underlying silicon or arrangement or camera or any of those tacks,” pronounced Pichai.

He added: “We take a long-term view. We are not in it only for phones alone. We have a prophesy of where computing needs to go. And we consider it’s unequivocally tough to expostulate that prophesy but doing hardware, software, and services together. You have to consider of a intersection of it. we see a lot of value in meditative about it and doing it that way.”

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