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Don’t tumble for this elaborate WhatsApp phishing scam

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Thousands of users have depressed plant to a new fraud on WhatsApp. 

Fraudsters are regulating WhatsApp to warn trusting people that Adidas is dishing out 3000 pairs of high-end sneakers in jubilee of a 93rd birthday – yet (surprise, surprise) that isn’t a case. It’s all one large hoax. A hoax that thousands of WhatsApp users all over a universe have depressed plant to.

From what we can tell, a whole thing is an elaborate temperament phishing scam. The fraudsters are present a couple indicating to an online survey, claiming that business will accept a giveaway span of disdainful trainers after they palm over some simple shipping details, including their full name and address.

Image: The Sun

“We are wakeful of a WhatsApp summary that is now present claiming that Adidas is giving divided giveaway shoes and would like to counsel a open about desiring this, as it is really a hoax”, pronounced Lauren Haakman, Brand Communications PR Manager during Adidas South Africa on Monday.

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WhatsApp, that has turn rather of a hotbed for scammers in new months, is contrast a complement to discharge phishing attempts – yet there’s no word on when it will arrive. With this latest try ruffling feathers all over a globe, however, we’re guessing it’ll be here earlier rather than later.

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