Don’t design to buy a new iPad Pro in an Apple Store anytime soon


Bads news for anyone due an iPhone ascent or who wants a latest iPad Pro – Apple competence not indeed be reopening a doors to a open anytime soon.

Apple execs have reportedly told US sell staff that Apple Stores will stay sealed and work from home arrangements will sojourn in place until early May, as a series of reliable Covid-19 cases in a States continues to escalate.

The news comes from a memo sent out to Apple employees and seen by Bloomberg.

In a memo, Apple Senior VP of Retail and People Deirdre O’Brien explained that “flexible work arrangements will sojourn in place for all offices, and all sell stores will sojourn closed, until early May”.

According to O’Brien, Apple is “continuing to guard internal conditions for any Apple trickery on a daily basis” and a association will confirm when to free any store “on a basement of thorough, courteous reviews and a latest superintendence from internal governments and open health experts”.

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While this memo usually appears to have left out to US-based Apple workers, it wouldn’t be too fantastic to consider that a association would also keep a UK stores sealed as Europe continues to quarrel a widespread of a disease.

Just final week, Apple sent out another memo in that a association likely that some stores outward of China could be prepared to re-open in a initial half of Apr “depending on a conditions in their community”.

While there are still only underneath dual weeks to go until we strech that mid-April deadline, it stays doubtful that Apple will free a doors while a UK is underneath lockdown.

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The sell stores were creatively scheduled to go behind into businesses final Friday though remained sealed in light of final week’s memo. Apple has also put Genius Bar appointments on reason and extended a 14-day earnings process in light of store closures.

With a new iPhone 9/ iPhone SE rumoured to dump today, those due for an ascent competence have to hang to online selling to get their hands on 2020’s compress iPhone.

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