Does a PS5 have VR?


We’ve finally seen a spec piece for a PS5, and it’s looking like a really absolute console. One thing a new display didn’t cover however, was sum per Sony’s PSVR strategy. 

With practical existence saying churned success given a inception, it was no pledge that PlayStation would continue to support a PSVR. However, with a unchanging upsurge of titles, Sony’s height looks to be in good shape, that might good continue into a subsequent era of consoles.

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Does a PS5 have VR?

The PS5 is reliable to support a existent PSVR headset, yet there’s no acknowledgment either a PSVR 2 will be released.

Mark Cerny, PS4’s lead complement architect, reliable a PS5 will support a strange PSVR headset during an talk with Wired.

This doesn’t come as a warn though, as a PS5 is also reliable to be retrograde compatible, definition PS4 games and accessories should all work on a next-generation console.

What about a PSVR 2?

Yes, we’re blissful that a PS5 will support VR. But, many gamers were anticipating for construction of a intensity PSVR 2; a ascent rumoured to boost users’ margin of prophesy and deliver a horde of new visible and gameplay options.

Sony’s conduct of investigate and growth formerly teased a attainment of PSVR 2 behind in 2019, yet during no indicate have we been offering a organisation date, or most some-more info.

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How does that examination to a Xbox  Series X?

The Xbox Series X won’t container VR capabilities during launch. Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, stormy some-more than a few feathers when he pronounced “nobody”s seeking for VR”.

He’s right that it’s not a mainstream regard during present. However, a attainment of titles like Half Life: Alyx is expected to boost seductiveness in – and direct for – VR gaming capabilities.

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