Does a iPhone 11 have a 90Hz screen?


The iPhone 11 family of phones are finally here in all their glory. But with Apple carrying spewed specs faster than a gorilla cooking bananas we might have justifiably missed a answer to one pivotal question…

Does a iPhone 11 have a 90Hz screen?

The answer is flattering simple: no it doesn’t. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max all have sealed 60Hz modernise rate screens – a same as all Apple’s prior handsets.

For non-techies 90Hz and 120Hz screens are a flourishing trend in a universe of smartphones. The trend started with Razer a integrate of years ago when it launched a initial era Razer Phone, that facilities a 120Hz non-static modernise rate IPS screen. The Asus ROG Phone arrived a few months after with a 90Hz OLED screen.

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The tech afterwards changed into a mainstream this year with a attainment of a OnePlus 7 Pro, that facilities a 90Hz OLED panel. Since afterwards we’ve listened reports that everybody from Xiaomi and Oppo to Samsung and Google are operative on high modernise rate phones.

The reason for this is simple: non-static modernise rate screens are awesome. Refresh rate refers to how many images per second a shade displays. A aloft series brings with it a integrate of pivotal advantages. First, it creates a phone shade feel smoother and some-more responsive.

Second, it can offer a rival advantage during exhilarated games sessions. By carrying some-more images per second uncover there’s reduction of a opening between we enacting a authority and it appearing on screen.

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Variable modernise rate screens can also be used to preserve a phone’s battery. They do this by shortening a series of images per second being shown when regulating certain apps where a aloft modernise rate isn’t required – like examination movies, that are generally master during 30fps.

The miss of a tech on a iPhone 11 is a small unhappy as Apple’s already installed a iPad Pro line with it. Apple’s iPad Pro’s underline nifty 120Hz ProMotion displays.

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