Documents exhibit Apple’s sly next-generation sell store design


Apple member gave internal supervision officials in Tennessee a glance during a destiny of a Apple Store during a new formulation meeting, display off a pattern that continues a architectural trends begun with Manhattan’s Upper West Side store.

The new store pattern as presented by Apple.

The new store facilities floor-to-ceiling potion panels and a roof that appears to be intended, during slightest in part, to concede healthy light to filter in from above. It also includes a lighter healthy slab masquerade and a simplified interior blueprint designed to uncover off a product tables from a street.

Apple’s display to internal supervision officials was initial detected by AppleInsider reader Michael. The peculiarity of a picture is a best we could constraint from Apple’s proposal.

Apple’s Upper West Side store in Manhattan was a company’s initial to pierce to a some-more healthy look, and a pattern has given been blending for other outlets. The recently-remodeled Palo Alto plcae is one example.

Apple has not deserted a normal immaculate steel-and-glass demeanour entirely, though. Two high-profile new locations in larger China — Canton Road in Hong Kong and MixC in Hangzhou — carry a polished chronicle of a some-more obvious styling, suggesting that Apple might be prepared to pierce brazen with some-more than one pattern language.

In a eventuality that Apple does shred a store designs in some manner, they will not be totally incongruous as a dual styles do share common elements. The primarily steel shops competition healthy mill interior walls, for example, while a other locations continue to implement immaculate steel as an accent.

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