Divine Council: A Brief History of a Short-Lived Rap Supergroup


Technically, Divine Council still exists. However, a four-headed hydra of Richmond rappers Lord Linco, Cyrax, and $ilkmoney, alongside Chicago writer ICYTWAT — who total SoundCloud aesthetics with technical concentration and emerged in a mid-’10s as one of a country’s many resourceful swat collectives — is dead. Today, $ilk and Cyrax lift a Divine Council torch, despite though ICYTWAT and Linco (who left a organisation in severity in 2017), and though a support of a vital label.

So given does a story of Divine Council matter now? It offers a box investigate in a honestly organic energy of SoundCloud, and what can occur when a vital label-backed swat Voltron scatters, and a members go independent. These 4 artists are still usually 22 and 23. For some of them, Divine Council might have usually been a beginning.

Divine Council origins (2013-2014)

Divine Council was creatively a brainchild of Lord Linco, who invited Cyrax to join his organisation after they met during a birthday celebration during Dave Buster’s. $ilkmoney befriended Cyrax after he watched him “beat some bitch-ass nigga adult ‘cause he was articulate shit.” One day, after he rapped over one of Linco’s marks while offered him weed, Linco invited him to join.

“At a time, in 2014, we was usually perplexing to ideal a craft,” $ilk told XXL. “We were in my crib each day, smoking weed, examination Bernie Mac and The Parkers on mute, eating pizza and shit. That’s a artistic process. We didn’t let any outsiders in [the house] to watch or anything. Only us.”

In 2014, a 16-year-old writer in Chicago altered his name from KassperDahmer to ICYTWAT and started promulgation a Council beats. In November, $ilkmoney called and asked him to rigourously join. “I was in class, we remember a twitter went out, we was like, oh shit,” TWAT told HotNewHipHop. “This is crazy.”

Peak Divine Council (2015)

In 2015, Divine Council done outrageous strides towards achieving their self-proclaimed destiny to turn a “new Jodeci,” as they concurrently cultivated a vital SoundCloud following and polished their “audio pastel” aesthetic, supposed given it was meant to elicit colors. “We all have blue auras, all a hearts are blue,” $ilk, apparently a synesthetic, told NoJumper.

Though Lord Linco, with his fabulously low voice, was a many inclusive member of Divine Council in a early days (with 4 mixtapes expelled between Oct 2013 and Nov 2015), ICYTWAT was substantially a one many obliged for defining a group’s sound. In truth, “audio pastel” valid to be a wise descriptor for his vaporwave-tinged style, that seemed to take impulse from things like a Playstation 2 loading music, and blended glacial sleigh bell hi-hats, splendid neon synths personification together jazz harmonies, and pillowy reverb. $ilkmoney wholly emerged as a debate de force on a dermatitis lane “P. Sherman (PS42WW$),” that showcased a kind of buttery baritone that had occasionally been listened given Biggie Smalls. Other pivotal Council marks from this duration enclosed “DBSB,” Cyrax’s “Fetti” foregoer “I Like,” and a Shlohmo-produced “The Fine Household.”

Divine Council during Epic Records (2016-2017)

Divine Council gifted a biggest of omens one night in late 2015, during their opening during a CMJ showcase during a New York venue SOB’s. Not usually was André 3000 in a building, he wanted to accommodate them. “And a nigga usually sits down subsequent to us, usually eating tomato shit, articulate about how he large fans of us,” $ilkmoney told Noisey.

Things got improved in early 2016; a Council met Erykah Badu during SXSW and sealed a understanding with Epic Records. In August, they expelled their entrance Council World, an indisputable six-song EP orderly around “Decemba (Remix),” a duet between $ilkmoney and André 3000; they narrated a complicated legend, about an outlaw clad in purple pants whose final act on earth (before military glow him dead) is impregnating his lover. “When ‘Decemba’ was creatively usually me, it was a winter blue,” $ilk told HotNewHipHop. “But once André got on it, we took on a tone of green, and we gave him pink, given that’s how we feel how we both looked.”

In open of 2017, Divine Council expelled a mixtape/SoundCloud gathering patrician DBSB. It was a second and final plan that they would recover as a organisation by Epic, or presumably during all.

Divine Council breaks adult (mid-2017)

Sometime in 2017, Lord Linco and ICYTWAT left Divine Council. The accurate reasons for a separate are still hidden in mystery, and nothing of a 4 members responded to Highsnobiety’s talk requests for this article. “Not everybody deserves entrance to you,” Linco tweeted cryptically that summer. “Protect your fucking spirit.” He rigourously altered his artist name to his change ego Loveybone, and in an Instagram Live session, he suggested that a organisation might have been traffic with creative, professional, and personal differences from a beginning. “I fell in adore with someone we substantially shouldn’t have fell in adore with,” he explained. “Me and a guys fell out. A whole garland of jive happened. This shit was going on for like a year or two. Whatever. But I’m rocking by myself. Shout out my nigga ICYTWAT, though.”

$ilk and Cyrax remained tighten friends and collaborators. “Me and Cyrax sitting by a glow on Red Dead,” $ilk tweeted in late 2018, “finnah go hogtie some niggas and chuck them off mountains.”

Four solo artists (2017-2020)

ICYTWAT: Deep in a dash game, with both a clinging cult online following and legitimate connectors to A$AP Mob, ICYTWAT is well-positioned to build his TWAT empire. His renouned 2015 remix of Playboi Carti’s “Talk” foreshadowed his stream connection with AWGE; Rocky brought him out during Rolling Loud LA 2019 and Yams Day 2020. With several new releases same to his 2018 instrumental EP GOOD PUSSY, ICYTWAT has confirmed a high turn of output, and he now appears to be many focused on his THOTTWAT, his partnership with a rapper Thoto.

Lord Linco: After withdrawal Divine Council, Linco rebranded himself as Loveybone. Unfortunately, he has been in and out of jail given 2017, and he was arrested on murder charges final month. Last year, he expelled his manuscript After we Self Destruct.

Cyrax: Cyrax is releasing Stay Active 2, a supplement to his 2018 EP Stay Active, on Feb 26.

$ilkmoney: $ilk has put out dual projects with Fiona Apple-esque titles, including final December’s GTFOMDTNERFAYMFTBOILT. His 2018 recover I Hate My Life and we Really Wish People Would Stop Telling Me Not To featured 5 prolongation credits and dual facilities from Tyler, a Creator, though unsuccessful to beget most buzz. $ilk is re-building his solo career from blemish during a time when a SoundCloud is no longer a arguable proof ground, hype machine, or income builder for eccentric artists. His trail brazen isn’t wholly clear.

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