Ditching Zoom? Here Are 10 Video Chat Alternatives


The COVID-19 pestilence has resulted in a slew of requests and orders to stay home and work remotely as many as possible, in an bid to delayed a widespread of a novel coronavirus. All that siege means many are regulating video conferencing program like Zoom to get work finished and speak to friends or family.

But Zoom has found itself in prohibited H2O after a remoteness practices have been called into question. While a association promises it’s operative to residence those issues, we don’t have to lay there and take it — we can switch apps.

There are copiousness of video discuss services to switch to, any with their possess advantages and disadvantages creation them improved matched to opposite uses, either it’s to speak to grandma, play games with friends, or bond with colleagues. Here’s a demeanour during some of a best Zoom alternatives:

For calls to Mom Dad



Platforms: Web, iOS, Android

Price: Free

WhatsApp competence as good be synonymous with “messaging app” during this point. The Facebook-owned app is accessible on a web or your smartphone, lets we send SMS messages for free, supports organisation chats with adult to 256 participants, and allows for giveaway audio and video calls with adult to 4 people.

Granted, WhatsApp has had a few remoteness issues in a past, yet a entire inlet — generally abroad, where it’s a many used messaging app — creates it a good choice for articulate to family and friends that competence not have a latest smartphone, or use a same handling complement as you. WhatsApp facilities end-to-end encryption as well, so we can count on your calls, text, and video chats being secure.

Facebook Messenger

Platforms: Web, iOS, Android

Price: Free

If you’ve got a Facebook account, you’ve substantially sent one or dual messages regulating a Messenger feature, that was separate into a possess standalone app a few years prior. Messenger supports a bucket of chat-friendly features, like emoji reactions, stickers, and adult to 6 people on shade during a video call (though 50 people can participate).

Since it’s connected to Facebook, we can discuss with any of your friends, make calls to mobile inclination and web browsers, and bond to Facebook’s Portal intelligent displays to keep in hold while you’re relaxing during home.


Platforms: iOS, macOS, iPadOS

Price: Free

Available on MacOS, iOS, and iPadOS devices, FaceTime is Apple’s take on video conferencing, and facilities some flattering Apple-specific features. The app supports adult to 32 callers during once, so we can have a flattering outrageous hang with your friends. If you’ve got a right iOS device, we can use effects like Memoji to superimpose your digital doppelganger on your visage, or supplement a tiny aptitude to your video. Since it’s end-to-end encrypted, we can count on 0 hackers or ne’er-do-wells dropping in or espionage on your discuss (unless they’re peeking over your shoulder).

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Google Duo

Platforms: iOS, Android, Nest

Price: Free

Google Duo keeps it simple, yet adds some pivotal facilities creation it a useful, if minimal, video job app. Supporting audio and video calls, Duo can fit 12 people on a call during once, and works on mobile devices, web browsers, and intelligent displays like Google’s Nest Hub Max.

Features like video voicemails, end-to-end encryption, and a neat call preview underline that works like a front doorway peephole to whoever’s job you.

For diversion night (or happy hour) with a homies



Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

Price: Free

For personification tangible video games — controller and all — check out Discord. The Slack-like discuss and video conferencing app lets we emanate mixed channels to discuss about whatever you’d like, and integrates with upheld games, creation it passed elementary to get into groups with friends for a few hours of Call of Duty: WWII, or Divinity: Original Sin 2, among a horde of other titles. Group video chats are ideal for streaming your gameplay to friends and spectators, and a voice channels make chatting by Discord easy while we play with your buddies.


Platforms: iOS, Android

Price: Free, In-app purchases

If organizing a diversion night is too many work, we can use Houseparty, that puts a games right into a app for you. It’s passed simple, and supports adult to 8 callers during once. Trivia, Head’s Up! and other renouned celebration games are available, with in-app purchases accessible to enhance your preference of categories and topics to keep a games going.

For those critical calls and meetings


Microsoft Teams

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android

Price: Free, Paid Subscription

Businesses looking for a new approach to get video calls finished can spin to Microsoft Teams, a company’s teamwork-friendly discuss app. While there are improved alternatives for those looking to make a discuss room for a tiny organisation of friends or family, if you’re perplexing to get some critical work done, and adore a capability collection a association makes, Microsoft Teams is a good fit for a conference-calling, meeting-scheduling, file-sharing businessperson in we (or your boss).

A subscription to Microsoft Teams includes a Office 365 apartment of apps, like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, among others. For large presentations or company-wide streams, we can use a built-in live events collection to share your shade and horde events though jumping by too many hoops.


Platforms: Web, PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

Price: Free

Jitsi is a secure, and giveaway video conferencing use ideal for those one-off calls you’ve got to make, or for bringing together people on mixed forms of devices. The open-source video conferencing use works on fundamentally any height you’ve got during your disposal, and doesn’t need we to emanate an comment to emanate password-protected discussion bedrooms and make encrypted calls. Being open-source and developer-friendly, Jitsi’s program powers other video conferencing services, like 8×8 and Rocket.chat.

Available in mixed configurations for everybody from personal users to tiny businesses, we can use a Jitsi Meet web use to make calls from your browser, combine on documents, share your screen, and send messages in a discuss room.


Platforms: Web, iOS, Android

Price: Free

BigBlueButton is an choice for educators looking for an alternative, reduction costly approach to bond with students and learn remotely. The open-source video conferencing program requires we (or your IT administrator) to set adult a server for use, yet once it’s adult and regulating you’ll have entrance to a slew of features. In further to video calls, we can take polls, share your whiteboard or screen, discuss publicly and privately, or send students to dermatitis bedrooms so they can discuss among themselves about a project. The platform’s API also supports integrations with a horde of education-specific collection and services, including Moodle, Schoology, and SmartClass. Educators should be certain to follow remoteness laws and other best practices per chatting with minors, of course.


Platforms: Web, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Xbox, Alexa

Price: Free, Paid Subscription

The maestro of a video job game, Skype is a no-brainer when it comes to video calls. Features like audio and video call recording, live transcription, and file-sharing make it a absolute apparatus for one-on-one calls or even organisation calls with friends or clients. You can make calls to other Skype users, and with a Skype to Phone subscription, we can make total general calls to mobile and landline phones. It even has a Zoom-like giveaway discussion call service, where users can dump in regulating only a link, no comment required.

Skype is also accessible on intelligent inclination like Amazon Echo devices, so we can make audio or video calls from a comfort of wherever you’re sitting around. If you’ve got an Xbox One and an audio headset, we can even make voice calls from your cot by Microsoft’s diversion console.

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