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Denon unveils stylish DP-400 and DP-450USB turntables

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Denon adds a stylish DP-400 and DP-450USB decks to a Design Series

Fancy removing into vinyl though find all a technical terms around turntables confusing? Well, Denon aims to facilitate that with a latest efforts.

The DP-400 and DP-450USB are plug-and-play efforts, designed to be easy-to-use and install. Both come with an MM cartridge in a concept headshell, along with a built-in pre-amp that creates them suitable for use with a far-reaching operation of systems.

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The Denon DP-400 uses a heavy, damped plinth to assistance wand off a effects of resonance. It’s measures during usually 41cm far-reaching in an try to save space and compare a visible demeanour of a Design Series.

The belt-driven platter is means of 33.3/45 and 78rpm, with a turntable’s integrated sensor means to control speeds to equivocate fluctuations and safeguard representation accuracy. The S-shaped tonearm is designed to revoke exaggeration during playback and it also auto-lifts and stops playback once it reaches a finish of a side.

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The commissioned relocating magnet cartridge can be switched for a relocating curl cartridge if we wish, while a built-in phono theatre can be bypassed when a turntable is used with amplifiers that have their possess phono section, or, with outmost phono amps.

Rear connectors on a DP-450USB turntable

The DP-450UB builds on a identical substructure to a DP-400, solely it adds a built-in DAC and is means of ripping vinyl song to USB storage. You don’t have to bond to a mechanism to slice files from vinyl to digital, either. Just insert a USB storage device to a USB pier on a front panel, select from possibly dense MP3 or uncompressed CD-quality WAV files, and divided we go. Denon offers MusiCut program for digital metadata tagging and organization of files from a website, giveaway of charge.

The DP-400 and DP-450USB sell for £449 (€499)  and £529 (€599) respectively. They’re accessible to buy from certified Denon dealers.

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