Home Business Deirdre O’Brien joins Instagram to share photos from tellurian Apple Store tour

Deirdre O’Brien joins Instagram to share photos from tellurian Apple Store tour

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Twitter has prolonged been a amicable network of choice for Apple executives to post updates on, though newly allocated SVP of Retail + People Deirdre O’Brien has selected Instagram to share photos of sell updates.

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Deirdre O’Brien’s comment became active today, usually 3 days after former SVP of Retail Angela Ahrendts’ final central day on a job. Although unverified by Instagram, we’ve reliable that a comment is legitimate. So far, 3 photos have been common detailing O’Brien’s universe debate of Apple Stores and visits to sell teams from Cupertino to Austin to Paris and Hong Kong.

Apple Store enthusiasts will now commend a backdrops of Apple’s ifc mall and Cotai Central locations in Hong Kong and Macau. With 504 stores worldwide and a sell group of over 70,000 individuals, even a scarcely 30-year association maestro like O’Brien will need utterly a bit of assembly and nod to be informed with Apple’s whole sell operations. In 2014, Angela Ahrendts conducted a identical universe debate of Apple Stores to get to know a sell teams.

If you’d like to follow Deirdre on Instagram, her username is @deirdre.at.apple. As of publication, a comment has usually usually over 200 followers, though don’t design that to final long. Angela Ahrendts garnered usually over 13,000 supporters on Instagram before withdrawal Apple as one of a usually central channels providing updates on Apple sell happenings. Maybe Tim Apple can remonstrate Deirdre that Twitter can be fun, too.

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