Dark Sky’s Android app rating broken in arise of Apple acquisition, shutdown news


Excellent continue applications are singular on Android, with many of them carrying documented remoteness issues or bad interfaces. Dark Sky was a favorite among many, interjection to a accurate forecasts and purify design. It was suggested final month that a Android chronicle would close down, following a primogenitor company’s squeeze by Apple, and a Play Store inventory has taken a large blow in a days since.

Dark Sky is now sitting during an normal rating of 1.4/5 stars on a Google Play Store, down from 4.3/5 stars on Jan 14th. During that same period, a series of reviews has increasing from 18,432 to 22,583.

Of course, now that a Play Store inventory is usually manifest to people who formerly commissioned a app, a overflow of 1-star reviews usually amounts to yelling during a sky (pun intended). If you’re a former Dark Sky user looking for a replacement, we have some recommendations here.

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