Dakota Johnson Reveals How She’s Managing Her Depression During Lockdown


No matter who we are – or how strong your mental health – lockdown has been hard. Maybe that’s because Dakota Johnson has non-stop adult about how she’s handling her basin during this time.

“You are during home, you’re not with your friends, you’re not with your family, we are not means to do a things that make we feel worthwhile,” Johnson explained during an talk to foster her latest film, High Note. “’You’re kind of in this dress of basin though not unequivocally certain of because we feel that way.”

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The actor, who has suffered from basin and highlight given she was a teenager, certified that staying certain right now is difficult. “I consider there’s also measureless pain and unhappiness ricocheting around a universe constantly,” she continued. “So it’s tough to feel totally certain all day each day when a universe is unhappy right now.”

Johnson common some of a tips she relies on to make herself feel better, including meditation, going for a travel and “being kind to your physique and your mind and yourself”. “It’s those small things that make a disproportion ultimately,” she said.

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Her associate actor Margot Robbie recently suggested that she’s been creation lists to assistance her stay “mentally healthy” during isolation. “I have lists for things we need to do that day, prolonged term, brief term, fun stuff, not fun stuff,” she pronounced in a brief video for a Child Mind Institute’s #WeThriveInside campaign. “It gets it out of my mind and on paper and if we don’t get by my list that day we don’t highlight about it, we only collect adult where we left off a subsequent day.” Whether your self-care protocol is going for a prolonged travel or essay a to-do list, each small helps towards progressing good mental health right now.

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